Free Parenting Workshops - The Importance of 'why' in Early Childhood Learning

4 Jun 2019

Guildford Grammar School presents two free parenting workshops with three of our most experienced educators on the developmental journey of childhood

These free talks will cover a child's developmental stages from ages 2-5, preparation for starting school (for the parent and the child), the importance of imagination, creativity and purpose in learning and how to make the most of all your child's 'why' questions.

*  Thursday 20 June, 6.30pm, Foundation Pavilion
*  Friday 21 June, 9.30am, Foundation Pavilion

The workshops will be presented by:

*  Mr Clark Wight - Head of Preparatory School and parenting advocate (father of three)
*  Dr Holly Miller - Deputy Head of Preparatory School (mother of two)
*  Mrs Janet Wilmot - Preparatory School Director of Pedagogy (grandparent and mother)

We will have a play area and caregivers available for parents who wish to bring their children along to the workshop.

This workshop is a must for parents of young children who are about to start school or who are currently attending Kindergarten or Pre Primary, or those just getting started on their parenting journey.  

All are welcome.   

Please click here to register for the Thursday evening workshop
Please click here to register for the Friday morning workshop