The Journey Leaders

At Guildford Grammar School, our dynamic and passionate team truly believes in the adventure of learning, striving to create meaningful experiences that inspire independent, curious and critical thinkers. Our teachers are role models who lead the way in providing authentic, real world learning opportunities that prepare and equip young people for bright futures. Our engaged, empowered and agile team is future-focused and able to adapt, striving always for personal growth and excellence in all that we do. As educators, we foster a love of learning and believe in empowering young people to lead powerful and meaningful change, now and for the future.

Our Purpose and Values guide all in our community and our School culture is built on respect and collaboration. We support the enhancement of personal strengths and use these to positively influence the world around us; promoting inclusivity and embracing diversity.

The School offers an exciting range of employment and career opportunities for teachers in addition to a variety of positions for administration professionals, grounds and maintenance experts, apprentices, academic and sporting coaches and boarding roles. With a wonderful sense of community, all staff are provided and supported through many opportunities to participate in the broader life of the School.

Our warm and inclusive community is who we are. We are committed to building strong and meaningful relationships between students, staff and families. It’s more than just a feeling, it’s belonging for a lifetime.