Outdoor Education

Intrepid Explorers

Young people have an instinct for adventure. Opportunities within the Outdoor Education program provide an exciting range of experiences to support physical, social and emotional wellbeing, helping students push the boundaries of their comfort zone, build resilience and explore their potential.

Through interaction with the natural world, Guildford Grammar School students develop an understanding of their relationship with themselves, their peers and the environment. Best of all – it’s fun!


From Year 2, students participate in a camp program that ranges from overnight stays through to week-long camps, including academic camps in Year 12. There are also many voluntary expeditions and trips offered throughout the year. 

Camps are designed to give students a range of challenging experiences that will help them:

  • think creatively
  • apply their knowledge to different situations
  • develop teamwork skills
  • encourage personal growth.
The army cadets program forms part of our outdoor education offering. Here, two students in dress uniform stand at ease outside chapel with rifles.


The Guildford Grammar School Cadet Unit has a proud history – from its inception in 1904, where students were required to perform one hour per week of drills, through the turmoil of WWI and WWII, to its present-day structure.

The aim of military training within the Australian Army Cadets is to:

  • develop an interest in the Army and its traditions
  • encourage cadets to continue military or community service
  • give cadets a foundation of military knowledge and discipline
  • develop the qualities of leadership, self-discipline, self-reliance and initiative, and;
  • provide training in these areas.

Students participate in drill and a range of other activities including:

  • navigation
  • canoeing
  • rock climbing
  • abseiling
  • camping (field craft)
  • survival (field engineering)
  • martial arts
  • community service
  • first aid
  • firearms handling and marksmanship
  • weapons drill
  • radio telecommunications
  • annual camp.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a voluntary program aimed at increasing the involvement of young people in extracurricular activities. There are four sections to the Award: Sport, Skill, Volunteering and Adventurous Journey.

At Guildford Grammar School, the Bronze Award is offered to students in Year 9 and 10, taking a minimum of six months to complete. Many co-curricular activities such as PSA Sport, Drama, Music and Cadets can count towards the Bronze Award, although its intention is to encourage participants to take up new pursuits.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is currently represented in 130 countries. Since its establishment in Australia in 1962, over 500,000 young Australians have completed their first Award. The Program is well regarded by employers and universities throughout Australia and the rest of the world.