Learning Support

At Guildford Grammar School, our experts in the field provide students with personalised and holistic learning opportunities to achieve personal excellence.

We recognise that some learners require greater exposure, repetition and explicit instruction for progression, particularly in literacy and numeracy. We offer evidence-based support and continually monitor student progress and transferral of skills into class-based activities, working in partnership with students, families and classroom teachers.


We know the importance of early intervention for our youngest learners. Our specialist staff support students right from the start of their learning journey and are trained in evidence-based interventions and screening processes to identify individual needs, ensuring students are able to access the curriculum.

Get Set…

Our Year 3 to 6 students are screened to identify areas of need for reading, spelling and numeracy. Our core reading intervention is the Macquarie Literacy Program, or MacqLit; an explicit and systematic reading intervention program for small groups of readers in the older years of Primary School, delivered by trained specialist teachers and educational assistants.

We are responsive and adapt to our students’ needs, providing additional targeted support as required through appropriate interventions and remedial support to develop numeracy, mathematical fluency and consolidate foundational skills.


Our multi-tiered approach in the Senior School ensures that our students have access to the programs and interventions that best fit and enhance their learning experience. Student voice is integral in determining adjustments for learning and we value the collaborative process with students, parents and their pastoral team.

Our Focus programs in Year 7-9 develop organisation, learning strategies and functional literacies for learning. In Year 10-12 Focus programs develop the skills required for workplace literacy and numeracy as required by the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA).

In-class support

Students with a specific diagnosed learning difficulty or disability may benefit from the in-class support provided by one of our educational assistants. This type of support is coordinated by our dedicated team of specialists. Regular communication between the classroom teacher, educational assistants and specialist teachers enable each student to receive the assistance they need to grow as a learner.

Learning Enrichment

Our Learning Enrichment team support the needs of students with disabilities that require alternative programs for academic growth and personal excellence. Our team work closely with key pastoral care staff, School Psychologists and parents to develop, implement and monitor individual support programs including ASDAN modules, (the Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network provides flexible programs that develop, record and certify achievements outside of standard qualifications) and Modified Mathematics and English courses, focusing on essential life skills.