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Early Learning – Pre-Kindergarten – Year 2

The early years of education are unique, exciting and important. We aim to provide the very best experience for each child, focusing on their wellbeing, learning and development at every available opportunity. We understand the importance of constructing the right environment for our early learners and this complements our shared vision for a well-rounded education that values creative and cognitive action, relationships and connection as well as movement to support the developing brain.

Our passionate team of caring and experienced educators are committed to working collaboratively and reflect regularly to refine best practice. They work in partnership with families to personalise students’ learning with a focus on personal growth and excellence.

We love the whys! Our learning programs are designed to spark curiosity and encourage children to ask “why?” We value and support a Play and Inquiry Based approach to learning which encourages and supports our students to explore materials and learning centres, ask questions, share ideas and discover the environment around them.

The outdoor environment plays a major role in our learning program. Weekly outdoor adventures take place for all classes, exploring our beautiful campus to support rich and meaningful learning experiences that transition naturally from indoors to out.

We place a strong emphasis on the explicit and intentional teaching of fundamental early literacy and numeracy skills. Researched concepts are put into practice and delivered to students in a developmentally appropriate and balanced way, supporting the growth of valuable learning assets. We inspire our students to become strong, capable learners, who are actively involved within their learning and never stop asking questions.

We strive for all our Early Learners to be:

  • Curious Adventurers
  • Active Discoverers
  • Skillful Thinkers
  • Competent Communicators
  • Independent Reflectors
  • Respectful Relators
  • Persistent Contributors

Kindergarten students are able to attend three or five days each week. If you would like further information about our Kindergarten and Pre-Primary program, read our Early Learning Centre Handbook.

Watch our Virtual Tour to see inside our Early Learning classrooms.