Pathways to personal excellence

The journey to personal excellence lies at the heart of a Guildford Grammar School education. We create pathways to personal excellence that inspire students to go forward and define their own success.

We recognise that students can experience personal achievement in many ways. We therefore devote our time to uncovering the individual talents, passions and pursuits of every child. Our students are inspired by a team of passionate educators who recognise their strengths and are committed to their growth.

Personal excellence is just that … it’s personal. Our approach to teaching and learning is also personal, out of necessity and importantly, a genuine interest in your child.

Excellence is not simply an academic test score. Recognising that student engagement, relationships and active learning opportunities can improve academic outcomes, we aim to nurture children to grow in all aspects of their lives. Central to our School Purpose is our mission to inspire outstanding citizens who work to create a just, loving and peaceful society.

We want our students to become the best version of themselves. We achieve this by educating the whole child.

When we think about what the future might look like for our children, their happiness is at the centre. As educators, we must equip students to make decisions independently and critically, knowing that those decisions can have a positive impact on the world.

Students need to be prepared for the future with effective pathways that champion and celebrate their skills and offer direction to get to their post-school destinations, whatever they may be.

Here’s what success looked like for our 2022 graduates including their post-school destinations and career choices.

We offer a thoroughly rich curriculum that provides endless opportunities for every child to discover their unique strengths.

Our students are inspired to be independent, curious and critical thinkers. These skills form the platform for active learning and act as a catalyst for continued growth in all facets of life.

Our team of dedicated teachers are devoted to building strong and positive relationships with students to ensure high student engagement and to inspire a love of learning.

Every child is known and a strong pastoral care network ensures the needs of every child are met.

We celebrate accomplishments of all kinds and recognise that personal excellence can take many shapes.