The Arts

The Arts at Guildford Grammar School provides students with extraordinary opportunities to pursue and unearth their creative talents and artistic passions across Music, Drama, Visual Art, Media and Dance, as part of a distinctive and broad education. With award-winning teachers, endless possibilities to exhibit and perform, and inspiring creative spaces, we hold a proud reputation for personal excellence across the Arts.

To ensure our students are prepared for a life beyond tomorrow, we recognise that our learning program must extend beyond the classroom. All Guildford Grammar students are provided with extraordinary opportunities to explore the creative arts and those with a appetite for artistic pursuits are motivated to unearth their unique passions and talents.


Our Music program is the most vibrant and varied in the State, with almost 40 ensembles across the Preparatory and Senior School. A full calendar of music and drama events provides countless opportunities for students to perform in front of an audience and gain real-life performance skills.

Feel the beat

Our School of Music begins in Kindergarten and Pre-Primary, where students explore concepts such as pitch, dynamics, beat and rhythm to engage the mind and body. Classroom music focuses on making, listening and responding to music, vocabulary and performance. All Preparatory School students have the option to extend their music learning through instrumental tuition and participation in choirs and ensembles.

Mix and master

From Year 2, each student is given the opportunity to learn a string instrument, selecting from violin, viola or cello. As students progress through Preparatory School, other instruments such as the recorder, percussion and keyboard are introduced as children are exposed to more complex forms of music and develop music reading skills.

Let it flow!

Like all good melodies, musical opportunities flow into the Senior School and talents flourish even further. From the Key Masters Club all the way to the 70-piece Guildford Grammar Symphony Orchestra, there is a performance opportunity for every student. Whether your preference is sacred choral music, rock, classical music or jazz – you will find it at Guildford Grammar School!

Adventures with Art

Our Visual Art program focuses on creative processes and development of fine artistic skills, delivered by award-winning West Australian artists and specialists. The School takes part in a number of co-curricular art-based activities throughout the year, giving students a wide range of opportunities to create and exhibit their artwork.

Students from Year 1 enjoy a structured Art program that complements their curriculum and helps make connections to classroom learning, building their artistic and creative skills in our specially designed Art Room and Studio.

Activities are geared to the developmental level of each year group and include all studio areas such as drawing, painting, collage, a variety of printmaking techniques including lino prints, 3D construction, painting on textiles and many other art activities related to a variety of themes. The School has its own kiln and all classes are exposed to working with clay.


Our Drama program focuses on academic results and co-curricular involvement in schoolwide productions.

Drama is a dynamic and innovative part of Guildford Grammar School, with an intensive and rigorous curriculum focusing on acting, directing and designing for the theatre.

Students have the opportunity to perform in four formal productions a year, including a Preparatory School production, giving them co-curricular opportunities to explore diverse roles and perform in front of the school community.

The junior production allows our students in Year 7-9 their first venture into performing arts, preparing them for both artistic and academic success in their senior years with productions relevant in popular culture, such as Peter Pan and Oliver Twist.

The senior production alternates between a musical and theatrical focus biannually. Students in Year 10-12 are able to develop their acting craft and take part in productions developed by award-winning playwrights, including Grease and Romeo and Juliet.

Students now also have the opportunity to compete in the co-educational PSA Theatre Sports Drama competition to test their improvisation skills.


Available from Year 7-12, our popular Media program is designed by specialist teachers and experts in their fields, delivering curriculum focused on audiovisual filmmaking across a wide range of genres and styles. Students are introduced to all forms of media throughout the program, including popular culture, journalism, documentary and artistic cinema, focusing on the development of skills and creativity. Student performance and achievement is unrivalled within the state, with students competing in local and national competitions to deliver award-winning work.


We currently offer Dance to students in Year 6-10 in our new purpose-built Dance Studio in a broad, introductory program, designed and implemented by specialist teachers and experts in the field of Dance with plans to extend the course into the primary years.

The course focuses on a wide range of dance skills and styles including Jazz and Contemporary Dance, providing students with co-curricular opportunities to explore diverse roles and perform in front of the School community.