Parents & Friends Society (P&F)

At the core of our community is the Guildford Grammar School Parents and Friends Society (P&F).

The Society’s sub-committees include:

  • Friends of Preparatory School (FOPS)
  • Friends of Senior School (FOSS)
  • Boarders Parent’s Association (BPA)
  • Guildford Arts Supporters (GAS)

Together, these committees provide all parents with an opportunity to participate in and contribute to a large number of school-related activities throughout the year, including sport and art initiatives.

The P&F’s purpose is to support the School’s focus of ‘inspiring students to be outstanding citizens who work to create a just, loving and peaceful society’ by:

  • fostering goodwill between parents, staff, students of the School and the wider community
  • providing personal service to the School
  • seeking financial assistance for the School
  • delivering opportunities for social exchange between all segments of the School
  • actively promoting the aims and objectives of the School

The Society is funded through parents’ membership subscriptions and fundraising initiatives of the sub-committees. Each year, in consultation with the School, the P&F establishes the purpose of these funds, delivering community and cultural outcomes that can be seen and valued by all.

Further information

The P&F can be contacted at Upcoming School community events can be found on the events calendar, and are also advertised in the School’s weekly newsletter.