Define your own success

Year 10

Once students reach Year 10, they are ready to take charge of their own journey. We offer extraordinary opportunities and engaging learning experiences to guide students on their pathway to personal excellence, defining what success means to them at school and beyond.

Two elective Discovery Courses are offered in each semester of Year 10.

These may vary each year, but can include:

  • Architectural Design
  • Engineering
  • Drama
  • Materials Design Technology
  • Media
  • Music
  • Philosophy in Popular Film
  • Physical Education Studies
  • Product Design
  • Sculpture
  • Design and Visual Arts 
Students in years 10-12 playing trombones in school band

In the core areas of the curriculum, STRIVE classes can offer extension to high achieving students and at every opportunity, support is offered to those with additional learning needs.

We are committed to ensuring all students can pursue personal excellence and are guided towards courses that:

  • work to their strengths
  • challenge but do not exceed their capacity
  • equip them with the skills to move with confidence into Year 11 and 12.

For more information on the wide range of courses available in Year 10, download our Year 10 Course Selection Handbook.

Go Forward

​Years 11 and 12

This is it! The home stretch of an extraordinary schooling adventure!

In these final two years, students steer further towards courses that will challenge and equip them with the qualifications and skills needed to chase their desired careers and true ambitions. Students receive individual support in designing their unique study pathway to reach their goals; choosing from ATAR courses, General, VET and WorkReady pathways, or TAFE and other formally recognised qualifications.

All students study one English and one Mathematics course, as well as four other courses aligned to their interests and career goals. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Computer Science)
  • Design (Metal, Wood, Engineering)
  • Languages (French)
  • Humanities (Geography, Economics, Politics and Law, Business Management and Enterprise)
  • Religion
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • The Arts (Media, Drama, Visual Art, Music, Dance)
Guildford Grammar Senior School students learning together in music production class

Year 11 courses are continued in Year 12 to a greater depth. Our Year 11 Subject Selection Handbook offers further information on the various courses available across Years 11 and 12.

Personalised pathways

Senior students pursue future focused and personal pathways, ignited by highly engaged learning experiences provided by specialised educators. For each student this looks different and may include General, VET or ATAR studies or a unique combination, depending on the individual’s goals. We teach young people what it means to be a modern citizen, with the personal and learning skills needed to be successful in the future.