Little Explorers – three-year-old program

Is your three-year-old ready for their next adventure? We are proud to have created a special place for our youngest students where we welcome curious young minds to our unique Little Explorers Pre-Kindergarten program. Here, empowered learners discover joy and excitement hidden around every corner.

The world of each Little Explorer comes alive with possibility through our learning program that nurtures and enhances children’s natural curiosity and imagination. Our talented educators weave fun-filled, action-packed experiences into every activity, within inspiring settings including a nature playground, vegetable garden and warm, welcoming classrooms.

At Guildford Grammar School you will find a Little Explorer community that aims to:

  • Create an atmosphere where children feel respected and loved
  • Embrace and celebrate all individuals
  • Create a strong sense of belonging and connection
  • Nurture each child’s self-worth
  • Guide each child’s experimental play to promote understanding
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Allow children to learn through each of their senses 
  • Encourage each child to explore, invent, discover, question and experiment
  • Develop confidence through play-based learning
  • Celebrate and foster curiosity, wonder and awe

The Little Explorers program operates from Woodgate House in the Preparatory School and is open from 8.30am – 2.45pm Monday to Friday.

Watch our Virtual Tour to see inside our Little Explorer learning spaces.