Our Senior School

Finding passion and purpose in Year 7 to 12

Building on the foundations set in the early years of schooling, our focus in the Senior School is to continue to develop a love of learning through deep student engagement. We believe that students who are motivated and active participants in their learning are more likely to achieve personal excellence.

Dance studio acrobatic student

Through a comprehensive and student-centred academic and co-curricular program, students pursue their own interests and passions, choosing from a wide range of courses and learning opportunities. 

Personal pathways

Teaching and learning at Guildford Grammar prepares students for the future. In a rapidly evolving and global society, the only certainty is change. Young people must learn to adapt, to think critically and independently, and have an innovative and creative mindset. Our graduates go forward to secure a career pathway of their choice, through university, TAFE or direct entry into the workforce.