Gifted and talented (STRIVE and STRETCH)

Guildford Grammar School’s gifted and talented program ‘strives’ to ‘stretch’ beyond the limitations of traditional curriculum. We provide challenging learning experiences using a forward-thinking, inquiry-based approach that naturally sparks curiosity, investigation and grows gifts into talents.

Each student’s learning journey is just as unique as they are. Individualised support and extension is offered across the entire K-12 experience.

Junior school boys jumping towards camera in playground

Preparatory students STRETCH

Our STRETCH program celebrates the gifts, talents and passions of our Preparatory School students. From the earliest years, we recognise when students require enrichment, extension or acceleration in a particular area and tailor their program to meet their unique needs.

STRETCH students are encouraged with opportunities to:

  • Participate in collaborative learning projects with like-minded peers
  • Engage in academic competitions
  • Extend themselves through co-curricular programs including;
    • Opti-Minds
    • Da Vinci Decathlon
    • Australian Mathematics Competition

Specialist staff work in collaboration with teachers, students and parents to develop, challenge, extend and inspire exceptional and personalised learning throughout the primary school journey.

Senior students STRIVE

As they move into the Senior School, students with specific talents and strong personal drive have further opportunities to develop their academic gifts through the STRIVE program.

STRIVE advanced courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and the Social Sciences provide our most able students with opportunities to develop their talents and pursue personal excellence. Covering the Western Australian Curriculum at a faster rate and pace, each unit of work is tailored specifically to deepen and challenge students’ thinking.

Students are selected for STRIVE advanced courses based on their academic performance. Placement in these courses is competitive and may change to reflect the need and performance of cohorts.

As part of our drive to encourage students to develop their talents, STRIVE Discovery courses are offered by invitation each year. These courses are led by teachers with passion and expertise in these elective areas of study. 
STRIVE Discovery courses previously offered to students include:

  • Gamification
  • Digital Photography
  • Passion Projects
  • The Art of Strategic and Tactical Thinking

Students are also invited to participate in further challenge and engagement through competitions such as:

  • Da Vinci Decathlon
  • Tournament of Minds
  • Australian Mathematics Competition