Flexibility for modern families

Out of School Hours Care

Need more flexibility to balance work and family life? We can help you with that.

Our comprehensive, onsite Out of School Care program covers before and after school care, school holidays and other special days of the year for Guildford Grammar School families exclusively. Our experienced and passionate team offers each child nutritious snacks and an endless range of games and activities that cater to all interests. In fact, our students tell us they can’t wait to come in!

Before and After School

Before school, great food and educational games are provided to get the children excited for their day. Breakfast with friends in the Out of School Care House is a daily ritual. Students can choose from a healthy selection of fruit, yoghurt, toast and cereal (and even birthday pancakes). For those who find mornings a little difficult, we make sure that there is some ‘me’ time to ensure each child has a great start to their day.

After the school day has ended, the OSHC team will ensure that your child arrives safely at the OSHC Centre. A collection service from after school clubs, swimming and sports is provided for students that have extra commitments after school.

After School Care is a place where stories are shared and endless games are played. Different programs are available each week to keep children engaged and excited. A healthy afternoon tea is provided, as well as birthday or special occasion cakes to celebrate special moments.

The OSHC House features several unique spaces, including an art studio, where the children can unleash their creativity. The art studio often spills over into our creative craft workshop, where students have a great time repurposing household and craft items to come up with their own inventions.

We also offer a sports and movement program, focusing on skill development and active challenges. There’s also a chess club, cooking club and gardening mud club!

Each child’s After School Care club choices are respected and time for relaxing, reading, yoga, and imagining are just as important to us as adventure and activity.

Early education student playing in out of school care room

Vacation Care

Our Vacation Care Program is open to Preparatory School students from Guildford Grammar School.

At Vacation Care, no two days are the same. Student feedback drives the activity and excursion program; from art, to cooking, to scientific experiments, to laser tag, to outdoor games, to trips to the zoo or the bowling alley – Vacation Care is an exciting place to be! Check out what the next Vacation Care Program looks like. To enquire about bookings, please email: outofschoolhourscare@ggs.wa.edu.au

There are three levels to the program: 3 to 5 year-olds, 5 to 7 year-olds and the 8+ years program. Each level enjoys age-appropriate, supervised activities in their own dedicated spaces. All levels are welcome to join in with the other programs with their siblings or family if they wish.

A healthy morning and afternoon tea is provided, including all-day access to fruit and vegetables.

Centre Hours:

Before School Care from 7.00am-8.30am
After School Care from 3.00pm-6.00pm
Student free days from 7.00am-6.00pm
Early closures from 12.00pm-6.00pm
Vacation care from 7.00am-6.00pm