Venue Hire

At Guildford Grammar School, we have many facilities and spaces available to hire around our campus for your event needs, including sports and conferences.

Hockey Turf

Guildford Grammar School’s world-class synthetic hockey turf is available for hire to other hockey clubs for games, practice or competition.

For further information about the pitch or to make a booking, email: or phone 0438 569 763.

The Foundation Pavilion

Enjoy exclusive views of the river while you celebrate or learn in the quiet environment of Guildford. Conveniently located just walking distance away from public transport, our Pavilion can offer everything that you need for your event in a beautifully modern venue and stunning location.

To learn more about the Foundation Pavilion or to book the space, email: or call: (08) 9377 9208.

The Dining Hall

Our grand Dining Hall complete with commercial grade kitchen is available for your evening event with plenty of space for all your guests, situated on Terrace Road alongside our magnificent Chapel of St Mary and St George.

To learn more about our Dining Hall or to book the space, email: or call: (08) 9377 9208.