Scholarship opportunities

Year 7 Academic Scholarships

Enrolment for Year 7 Academic and Music Scholarships for 2025 opens Wednesday 1 November 2023 and closes Tuesday 13 February 2024. Testing will commence on Saturday 17 February 2024 from 8.00am – 1.00pm.

D’Arcy Slater Scholarships (1 x Male, 1 x Female)

The D’Arcy Slater Scholarship was established in 1997. D’Arcy William Slater joined our Preparatory School in 1986 and then became a member of Freeth House until his tragic death on 26 June 1991. He is remembered as a happy and lively teenager who was full of fun, a good student and athlete, representing the School in Swimming, Tennis, Football and Chess.

This Scholarship allows the opportunity for applicants to shine and is awarded to one male and one female student entering the School in Year 7 on an annual basis. The successful applicants will have demonstrated potential to make a strong all-round contribution to the School and possess early indicators of leadership potential, including representation of their primary school or club in a sporting capacity.

Preference is given to the most deserving candidate overall and for financial reasons may not normally have the means to attend Guildford Grammar School. The scholarship provides full remission of tuition fees and is tenable for six years, provided satisfactory progress is made. The School may request financial documents as part of the process.

Council Academic Scholarships

Each year, the School Council awards a number of Academic Scholarships that provide up to 50% remission of the annual School tuition fee. Council Scholarships are awarded based on merit. The Scholarships are tenable for up to six years, provided satisfactory progress is made.

Harry Campbell Pope All-Rounder Scholarships

A number of Harry Campbell Pope Scholarships are awarded to students who are good scholars and whose all-round ability gives them the potential to make a major contribution to the life of the School.

These Scholarships are awarded for entry into Year 7 and provide up to 50% remission of the annual School tuition fee. The Scholarships are tenable for up to six years, provided satisfactory progress is made.

Calder Crowther Scholarship

The Calder Crowther Scholarship is awarded every two years and is available to a Year 7 day student who currently attends a local state primary school within a 20 kilometre radius of Guildford. The Scholarship is awarded for six years, provided that satisfactory progress is made. The scholarship provides up to 50% remission of the annual School tuition fee.

A R MacKewn Boarding Scholarship

This Scholarship, specific to boarding students from regional areas entering Year 7, is awarded annually and has a value of up to half of the annual boarding fees. The A R MacKewn Scholarship is tenable for six years, providing satisfactory progress is made.

Visit our Scholarship Applications page for information on how to apply for the above Year 7 Academic Scholarships.

Year 7 Music Scholarships
Open Music Scholarship

This Scholarship is offered to a student showing a particular talent in at least one musical instrument. It is awarded for entry into Year 7.

Candidates must be of good character, show evidence of academic ability and demonstrate an interest in other co-curricular activities in addition to music.

It provides up to 50% remission of the annual School tuition fee and remission of music tuition fees. It is awarded for six years, provided satisfactory progress is made. Selected applicants will be invited for an instrumental audition, followed by an interview with the Principal.

Music Instrumental Scholarships

Music Instrumental Scholarships are available for students who are talented string, brass or woodwind instrumentalists of AMEB Grade 3 level or above. There is the opportunity for a second round of auditions to give your child the opportunity to develop their skills before showcasing their talents on stage.

The value of the Scholarships is full remission of the music tuition fees and instrument hire. Each Scholarship is tenable for as long as the student remains a significant contributor to Music at the School.

Choral Scholarships

Choral Scholarships are offered to students who are either currently enrolled at the School or who wish to enrol. A Scholarship applies while the student remains a member of the Choir. Its value includes free music tuition for singing, or for one instrument. It may be held in addition to any other Scholarship.

Year 9-11 Go Forward General Excellence Scholarships

Enrolment for Go Forward General Excellence Scholarships for 2025 opens on Wednesday 10 April 2024 and closes Wednesday 29 May 2024.

Go Forward General Excellence Scholarships are awarded to well-rounded individuals from Year 9 to 11 (not already enrolled at Guildford Grammar School), who demonstrate general excellence in many pursuits including academic merit, personal achievement and success in community clubs and activities. The recipient must uphold our School values and actively contribute to the life of the School and our community.

Applicants are not required to sit an entrance examination, however, the Principal will award the Scholarship based on the student’s comprehensive application, portfolio and personal interview.

The Scholarship provides a reduction of the School tuition fee and boarding fee (if applicable), as determined by the Principal after consideration of the family’s ability to contribute to the cost of tuition and boarding fees. The Scholarship will continue until the student graduates from Guildford Grammar School, subject to annual review and provided satisfactory progress is made.

Applicants must be an Australian Citizen or hold a Permanent Resident visa to apply.

To apply, please compile and submit a portfolio with the following information below. We encourage you to showcase your personal excellence creatively within your portfolio:

  1. The Application for Enrolment form.
  2. No application fee is payable.
  3. The completed Financial Needs Assessment form.
  4. A copy of your child’s birth certificate is required.
  5. Include a copy of your child’s most recent school reports – Semester 1 and 2 for the past two years.
  6. Two most recent NAPLAN copies.
  7. Include a copy of your child’s latest dated Medicare Immunisation Statement.
  8. Candidate testimonial.
  9. Two references (teacher, coach or community member). This cannot be a family member.
  10. List of co-curricular achievements.
  11. Photos of awards and inclusion in community events.
  12. Diagnostic/specialist or extension information (if applicable to your child).
  13. Custody documentation (if applicable to your child).
  14. Images, certificates and photos etc. (copies only) can be included to demonstrate your area of excellence.

Portfolio submission – Portfolios can be sent via post, courier, or hand delivered. Please allow plenty of time, as late portfolios cannot be accepted.

Please send or deliver your portfolio to:

Head of Admissions
Guildford Grammar School
Thwaites Centre
11 Terrace Road

For enquiries relating to the process of application, please contact the enrolments team on (08) 9377 9222 or via

Indigenous Scholarships

Enrolment for Indigenous Scholarships opens on Wednesday 1 May 2024 and closes Wednesday 3 July 2024.

Guildford Grammar School has a long history of providing educational opportunities for Indigenous students. This includes a comprehensive Indigenous Scholarship program. Since our foundation, over 200 Indigenous students have attended the School, dating back to our first Indigenous student, Charlie Burns, who attended from 1905-1909.

Our Indigenous alumni and scholarship recipients have gone forward to make outstanding contributions to society. Here are just a few of the achievements of our students, past and present:

  • Charlie Burns left the School in 1909 to join the Australian Army and fight overseas. 
  • Larry Kickett and John McGuire are two notable Indigenous Old Guildfordians, both of whom have enjoyed outstanding success in their sporting and professional careers. 
  • 2009 graduate, Dylan Collard, was named 2013 NAIDOC Male Youth of the Year. Dylan has completed a law degree and is now a teacher.
  • In 2019, graduate Josh Trindall was accepted to study at the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). 
  • 2019 graduate Amos Smith is pursuing his studies in Environmental Science at the University of Western Australia with the intent to follow his predecessors and ‘Care for Country.’
  • In 2021, Year 12 boarder, Jalen Coppin, won the Indigenous Boarding Awards for the category: Exceptional Contribution to the Community by an Indigenous Boarding Student. You can read more about Jalen’s nomination and initiatives on our blog.

Guildford Grammar School is committed to fostering positive and respectful relationships for all. Our Reconciliation Action Plan aims to further our partnership and acknowledgment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We work closely with Indigenous families and elders to constantly grow our shared understanding.

Our Indigenous Scholarship is awarded to students who are not already enrolled at Guildford Grammar School.

Madalah Indigenous Scholarship

We are a partner school with MADALAH Limited. MADALAH is a not-for-profit organisation that offers secondary and tertiary education Scholarships for Indigenous students, primarily from remote and regional communities, to WA’s leading boarding schools and Australian universities.

MADALAH Secondary Scholarships provide support to students from Years 7 to 12. These Scholarships are administered by MADALAH on behalf of the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA). For more information please visit the MADALAH website and read their Scholarship program brochure or watch their videos: MADALAH: With Them for the Whole Journey and MADALAH Year 7 2020.

Applying for an Indigenous Scholarship

Please note, there is an application process for both Guildford Grammar School and Madalah that needs to be completed individually with different Scholarship opening dates.

You will need to nominate your child with both MADALAH (more information is available on their website) and Guildford Grammar School.

Please follow the steps below when submitting your application with us.

  1. Complete an Application for Enrolment (no application fee is payable).
  2. A copy of your child’s Birth Certificate.
  3. Provide Proof of Aboriginality. 
  4. Include a copy of your child’s most recent school reports – Semester 1 and 2 for the past two years.
  5. Copies of two most recent NAPLAN results.
  6. List of co-curricular activities and achievements.
  7. Include a copy of your child’s immunisation record.
  8. Candidate testimonial.
  9. Two references (teacher, coach or community member). This cannot be a family member.
  10. Diagnostic/specialist or extension information (if applicable to your child).
  11. Submit your application via Australia Post.

The Principal
Guildford Grammar School
Thwaites Centre
11 Terrace Road

Please ensure that you allow plenty of time to submit your child’s portfolio if you live remotely as late applications will not be accepted. 

Year 5 Academic Excellence Scholarships

Enrolment for Year 5 Academic Excellence Scholarships for 2025 opens Monday 6 March 2024 and closes Wednesday 1 May 2024.

Our Year 5 Academic Excellence Scholarships are available to Year 5 students who are not already enrolled at Guildford Grammar School (or another PSA or IGSSA School) who demonstrate academic excellence and success. This scholarship strives to maximise learning outcomes for academically gifted students who may not have the financial means to attend Guildford Grammar School. The scholarship provides up to 50% remission of tuition fees and is tenable for eight years, from Year 5 to 12, provided satisfactory progress is made.

Who is eligible?

  • This scholarship is only available to students who are currently not enrolled at Guildford Grammar School for Year 5 or at another PSA or IGSSA school. 
  • Applicants must be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident – proof must be provided within the student’s portfolio.
  • Families must be in a financial situation that prevents them from sending their child to Guildford Grammar School. A Financial Declaration Form is required for completion within the portfolio.

Selection criteria

Academic scholarships are awarded based on scholarship examination results, supporting documentation provided in the portfolio and an interview with the Principal.

Applying for a Year 5 Academic Excellence Scholarship

Step 1: Register for the scholarship examination

All scholarship applicants must register for the examination through the independent examiner, Academic Assessment Services (AAS). Please click here to register and pay ($100) for the scholarship examination.

The scholarship examination will take place at Guildford Grammar Preparatory School – date to be decided. Please note, no other dates for scholarship testing are available.

Step 2: Compile your portfolio

All applicants must compile an A4 sized portfolio. The purpose of the portfolio is to give the School an understanding of your child. It is an integral part of the assessment process and is considered in conjunction with examination results.

The portfolio must include all items listed below, as well as any other supporting documentation you may wish to submit. Please do not include originals, as your portfolio will not be returned.

Please follow the steps below when submitting your application with us.

  1. Completed Scholarship Examination Application Form
  2. Completed Financial Needs Assessment form
  3. Birth Certificate (not extract)
  4. Latest dated Medicare Immunisation Statement
  5. Custody documentation (if applicable to your child)
  6. School Reports – Semester 1 and 2 for the past two years
  7. NAPLAN results from Year 3 onwards
  8. PEAC results (if applicable) or academic extension information
  9. Candidate testimonial, written by your child, explaining why they would like to be considered for a scholarship and how they believe attending Guildford Grammar School would positively impact their future and their family.
  10. Two references describing your child’s character, general attitude, and interests from someone who knows your child well (not a family member). This may be a family friend, teacher, coach, priest or similar.
  11. Supporting documentation of your child’s involvement and achievements in co‑curricular activities, cultural pursuits and other community participation. This may be in the form of written references from a coach or mentor, newspaper articles, certificates or photographs.

    Submit your application in person or by post to:

The Head of Admissions 
Guildford Grammar School
Thwaites Centre
11 Terrace Road

Step 3: Sit the scholarship examination

Students will sit the examination at Guildford Grammar Preparatory School. Details of the examination will be communicated to families once a successful entry has been received. Please note, results from the scholarship examination are not released to families.

Step 4: Interview

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview with the Principal. 

Step 5: Scholarship offer and outcome

All applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application once the Principal has completed the review of results and portfolios.

Successful applicants will be sent a letter of offer, providing written confirmation of acceptance to the Principal. Admissions will then provide the necessary enrolment information.

Unsuccessful applicants are welcome to re-apply for a scholarship in future years, where eligibility criteria is met.

Scholarship Terms and Conditions
  1. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of:
    • supporting documentation provided as part of the application in full;
    • results of academic aptitude evident through relevant reports and academic testing where appropriate; and
    • an interview, where requested by the School Principal.
  2. To be eligible for a scholarship, candidates must have Australian Citizenship or be a Permanent Resident in Australia.
  3. Students awarded scholarships are required to contribute fully to the life of the School. The School reserves the right to review a student’s performance at any time and withdraw the scholarship offered in circumstances where the terms of the scholarship have not been met.
  4. Scholarships are granted with the expectation that a student will complete Year 12 at Guildford Grammar School. If this does not occur and a suitable reason for leaving is not agreed upon, the School is entitled to request that all or part of the value of the the scholarship fees are payable to the School.
  5. The number and value assigned to each scholarship awarded in a given year may vary at the discretion of the Principal.
  6. A scholarship offer does not cover other costs such as laptop, books, uniforms and ad hoc expenses – these costs are the responsibility of the family.
  7. A scholarship may not be deferred for a later year of entry unless agreed by the Principal.
  8. All decisions will be at the discretion of the Principal. Offers will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  9. These Scholarship Terms and Conditions form part of the contract between the School and parents or guardians who sign the Acceptance of Enrolment Agreement at the School.

Frequently asked questions

How many scholarships do you have available?

At the discretion of the Principal, we usually award up to ten scholarships.

Do you only offer scholarships for Year 7 entry?

No, our Go Forward General Excellence Scholarship is for students entering Year 9-11.

What is the value of a Scholarship?

Our Scholarships range in their value, with many scholarships offering up to 50% reduction in fees, including the Calder Crowther Scholarship, Council Academic Scholarship, Open Music Scholarship, Music Instrumental Scholarship and Harry Campbell Pope All-Rounder Scholarship.

Do you offer sports scholarships?

Unfortunately, Guildford Grammar School does not offer scholarships based on sporting achievements.

How can my child prepare for the scholarship examination?

We do not expect your child to study or prepare for their scholarship examination.

Can I see a copy of a past scholarship examination?

Unfortunately, we do not supply copies of past scholarship examinations.

Will I receive my child’s scholarship examination results?

Unfortunately, we do not provide examination results or feedback on testing or short-listed candidate interview outcomes.

Can we still apply for a scholarship if we are outside of the Perth metropolitan area?

Yes, we will arrange for your child to sit the scholarship examination remotely at a more convenient location depending on you situation and proximity to Perth. Please get in touch early to discuss this requirement.

Can we organise another scholarship examination date?

Unfortunately, the Scholarship examination date is final, and we cannot facilitate alternative dates.

What is the candidate testimonial?

The candidate testimonial is a rationale of why your child is deserving of the desired scholarship, handwritten or typed personally by the applicant. Parents cannot provide this on their child’s behalf.

Who can I include as a candidate reference?

Suitable referees include teachers, coaches, or community members.

How should the portfolio be presented?

The portfolio’s contents should be printed single-sided and provide background information, rationale and justification to support your child’s scholarship submission. Each scholarship’s requirements are listed on our website.

Is my child eligible for an Academic and Music Scholarship?

Yes, all Music Scholarship applicants are expected to sit the Academic Scholarship examination.

My child is musical, but they have only just begun learning a new instrument, are there later opportunities to audition?

Yes, we offer a second-round audition process throughout Term 3 the year before commencement and there is no academic examination.