You make a difference!

Every student at Guildford Grammar School has benefitted from the philanthropy and generosity of others. As a not-for-profit entity, all support that we receive from our wider School community, from which we all benefit, is vital in progressing the delivery of our School purpose.

Our enthusiastic and generous school community is instrumental in shaping our outstanding education, extraordinary opportunities and world-class facilities.  

Our long history of giving dates back to its foundation by Charles Harper in 1896 and Cecil Oliverson’s gift in 1909 – which enabled the building of our magnificent Chapel of St Mary and St George.

Since the School was founded, we have educated over 16,500 students and continue to thrive and flourish, thanks to the kindness of Old Guildfordians, parents and friends as we Go Forward.

The generosity of time, each resource and every fund are gratefully received and deeply appreciated. Thank you to all our supporters.

“It’s wonderful that people help us and give us opportunities that we would not be able to have otherwise.”

Kate, Go Forward Scholarship Recipient

The impact of giving

You make a difference! The impact of giving is seen far and wide across the School, from our wonderful Chapel, to our new world-class co-educational Boarding House, to the wide range of Scholarships we are able to provide so that the advantages of a Guildford Grammar School education can be extended to the wider community.

The donations and gifts we receive enable us to enhance our offering in many areas, including:

Scholarships: ensuring financial circumstance isn’t a barrier to an outstanding education

Building fund: maintaining a campus which stimulates and motivates our students to learn

Pastoral care: offering emotional, social and spiritual support

Co-curricular activities: providing learning experiences that complement the academic curriculum

Bursaries: supporting existing families who may face unexpected financial hardship

If you have any questions or wish to find out how your gift can make a positive difference to the School, please contact Richie Longson, Director of Community Relations at or call (+61 8) 9377 9216.

To learn more about the positive and inspiring impact that giving has on our School, then, now and in the future read our Impact report.

Annual Giving Appeal

With your help, the Annual Giving Appeal at Guildford Grammar School will enable us to support our scholarships. Our Go Forward Scholarship and Indigenous Scholarship provide extraordinary opportunities to those that may not otherwise be able to attend our school, ensuring students can fulfil their potential now and into the future.

Learn more about Annual Giving by reading our Brochure or click the button below to donate directly.

Building Fund

With the generosity of the Guildford Grammar School Foundation and our community, the School has constructed 11 new state-of-the-art buildings and restored or upgraded over 40 of our existing buildings and facilities in the last 15 years. These transformative additions of recent years, and those planned for the future, build on our vision of maintaining our status as a global innovator in education.

Our most recent capital project, the co-educational Boarding House, was opened in March 2021. Our new Boarding House is a lively, community-oriented space that provides a warm, welcoming and stimulating home away from home for our boarders. The boarding precinct was built at a cost of $22,000,000 and the design includes a yet-to-be-built third wing at a cost of $12,000,000. We anticipate the need to commence building in the near future due to rising demand for boarding.

Funding for this project came primarily from the Foundation, bank loans and some help from the community who donated to the Naming Opportunities Appeal. If you would you like to leave your mark on Guildford Grammar, learn more about our Naming Opportunities Appeal.

Go Forward Scholarship Fund

The School has a proud history of providing educational opportunities for students who would not normally have the means to attend the School. This is directly linked to our purpose, our Anglican ethos and egalitarian outlook.

The Scholarship Trust provides the funding for scholarships to be awarded to students from Year 8 to Year 11 so they can experience the full range of opportunities that a Guildford Grammar School education can provide.

Scholarships are offered to students who display outstanding characteristics across a broad range of areas including high academic achievement. The successful applicant will display qualities of excellence, respect, service, leadership and commitment within their school and wider community.

Your support will ensure the provision of financial assistance to future generations.

‘Supporting the scholarship program provides the opportunity for a Guildford experience – and the stimulation of educational aspirations in different communities.’

Bill Kean, Old Guildfordian, Harper House 1961-1965
Indigenous Scholarship Fund

Guildford Grammar School has a long history of providing educational opportunities for Indigenous students. Since the School’s foundation, over 200 Indigenous students have attended the School, dating back to our first Indigenous student, Charlie Burns, who attended from 1905 -1909.

Charlie Burns left the School in 1909 to join the Australian Army and fight overseas. Since then, many notable Indigenous Old Guildfordians have enjoyed outstanding success in their sporting and professional careers.

The School is committed to the promotion of positive and respectful relationships for all. Our Reconciliation Action Plan aims to further our partnership and acknowledgment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We work closely with Indigenous families and elders to constantly grow our shared understanding.

Bequests: The Oliverson Society

The Oliverson Society was established in 2013 to recognise and honour those in our community who have either remembered the School in their Will or that they intend to make a bequest.

Cecil Oliverson, our generous benefactor provided the funds for the iconic St Mary and St George Chapel which has provided a place of peace, community, service and song to generations of students.

Gifts left to the School Foundation are judiciously invested with the capital remaining intact and only a percentage of the interest earned being used to contribute to scholarships and the transformation of the environment in which our students live and work.

We owe much to the alumni and friends of the School who paved the way for a tradition of a gift-in-will which has helped shape the School that we are today. It is our goal that, together, we grow the Bequest Fund over the next decade.

Whether you wish to endow a Scholarship or support our Bursary relief, your bequest will be honoured, and you will create a lasting legacy which will benefit future generations.

Those leaving a Gift in Will are invited to join The Oliverson Society,  recognising those who have confirmed their intention to make a bequest to the School.

“I am indebted to the School for these opportunities and I cherish the memories of the happy times spent in that peaceful and beautiful place. As a member of The Oliverson Society, to include a bequest in my will to the School is the least that I may do to repay this debt.”

Roger Day, Old Guildfordian, Henn’s/Harper House 1954–1959

If you have any questions or wish to find out more about leaving a gift in your will, please contact Richie Longson, Director of Community Relations, at or (+61 8) 9377 9216.