Rosemary Waller – 48 years of service, belonging for a lifetime

Today marks a significant milestone in our 128 years of history as our Archivist, Rosemary Waller completes her 48 years of service and storytelling for Guildford Grammar School. After a momentous length of service and invaluable impact on the School, Rosemary is ready to take her well-deserved retirement.

Rosemary commenced at the School in 1976, the same year our Preparatory School went co-ed. Initially Rosemary took residence as the Sewing Lady in Freeth House, and later School House, where her sewing duties also saw her as an important Mother figure to all our boarders who appreciated her warm and caring nature. This responsibility inspired the Boarding House Mother role which we still have today.

In 1988, Rosemary parted from the School for a few months before being approached by the Archivist at the time, Jim Norwood to work in the Archives. In 1994, following Jim’s retirement Rosemary was appointed School Archivist.

In Rosemary’s time at the School, she has experienced the School going forward through many changes and progressions including working with six Headmasters and Principals throughout her years and our transition to co-education in 2018.

She has lived our history and saw the development of our facilities and landscape including the DLD, the Brine Building, the Wickham Arts Centre, the Oliverson Gymnasium, the Thwaites Centre, the Prep School buildings, the Moody Building and the new Boarding House.

Rosemary originally connected with Guildford Grammar School through her husband and Old Guildfordian, Richard Waller (Stirling 1955-64) as well as her father-in-law and much-loved Maths Teacher, Ernest Waller.

Fortunately for us, this is not farewell, but goodbye for now. Rosemary plans to visit regularly as an Old Guildfordian.

Rosemary embodies our community and is the definition of belonging for a lifetime. She has truly made her mark on Guildford Grammar School and although we are sad to see Rosemary step away, her contributions and stories will live on.