AgCAREERSTART and Agribusiness Courses


AgCAREERSTART offers young people aged 17-25 an on-farm gap year program to kick-start their careers in agriculture. The program matches young people up with suitably established farmers who will show them the ropes, developing their agricultural knowledge and application.

Applicants can indicate which farm type they would prefer from a wide variety of options, and also where in Australia they would prefer to localise whilst receiving a paid job, training and development, not to mention the opportunity to meet key farming contacts and network within the industry.

Photo credit: Rosie Henderson Photography

AgCAREERSTART and Guildford Grammar School

Old Guildfordian sisters, Sienna Tolomei and Arian Sienna both attended our School during their formative periods of their educational journey and have both gone on to pursue careers in Agriculture and Landscape Architecture. The girls do not hail from a farming background, but thanks to the agricultural pathways and a strong farming network available through Guildford Grammar School, they decided to make the most of these unique opportunities.

Since signing up with AgCAREERSTART and offered a placement, Arian has commenced training with Greenscape Collective, operated by Old Guildfordian, Joshua O’Keefe (SG 2004-2005). In addition, Arian is completing her Certificate IV in Horticulture with the view of pursuing a degree in Landscape Architecture.

Sienna meanwhile is currently working with CBH and has now completed two seasons with them in their head office liaising with farmers regarding their crop contracts and delivery services. She has done this whilst also completing her degree in Agriculture at Murdoch University, with her aim to become an Agronomist in the farming industry.

Both Sienna and Arian were thrilled to hear that Guildford Grammar School is among the first in WA to offer ATAR Agribusiness to Year 11 students in 2024.

Agribusiness course offering

Our School has recently announced the launch of the Agribusiness ATAR course for 2024. This course is aimed at training young people with a comprehensive understanding of the agriculture industry and its contribution to the Australian economy.  

We believe the ability to learn and understand the agricultural industry during the senior school years is an excellent opportunity that all of our students should have access to. Students and parents within our community have shown a keen interest in such a course and we are thrilled to provide it.

Together with our unique course offering and network connections, we aim to provide the best possible foundations to pursue a career in the agricultural industry for the next generation. It all starts with opportunity. Learn more about our course opportunities here.