New Agribusiness ATAR course for 2024

Guildford Grammar School is delighted to be among the first schools in Western Australia to offer the Agribusiness ATAR course to Year 11 students for 2024.  

The Agribusiness ATAR course will support young people to develop knowledge and skills related to the business decisions needed to run enterprises from production to marketing, adding value at all stages of the production process. The new course has been designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the agriculture industry and its contribution to the Australian economy.  

Students who enrol in the Agribusiness ATAR course will have the opportunity to learn about current industry trends, innovative technologies and practical business skills that are necessary for success in the agriculture industry.  

Demand will continue for skills in combining scarce resources and innovative production and marketing methods, and we believe this course is an important addition to our curriculum. We look forward to providing students with a unique opportunity to learn about one of the most important industries in Western Australia.

Read more about this unique course offering in our Year 11 Course Selection Handbook.

Guildford Grammar students stroking farm animal