Zane’s Pathway to Personal Excellence

Zane Murabito-Jones’ journey

Finding personal success takes an open mind, and steady persistence. As Zane discovered throughout his education with us at Guildford Grammar School, it is vitally important to take the opportunities that are provided to you and make the most of them.

Zane received a vocal tuition scholarship at GGS which allowed him to learn with Mr Mark Underwood how to sing and perform. With his keen interest in music and singing, the School’s Music Department naturally had the most impact on Zane. He found the environment of like-minded students and encouragement from staff to achieve personal excellence, inspiring.

Zane’s ATAR Music studies with Mr Kieran Hurley and Mr Quentin Edmonds taught him the origins of music and they inspired him to go above and beyond, to seek and learn from great music and work hard to achieve the best results in performance.

He was Co-captain of Music in 2022. Getting to know the Music students and staff and being immersed in music made it a natural decision for him to want to continue that path after graduating. The bands, tours and friendly support of the Music Department staff also helped develop Zane’s confidence when performing. Without that, he would not have dreamt of ending up where he is today!

Zane’s words of encouragement to other students: “If you are given any opportunity through your school life at Guildford Grammar School, take it, and ask questions later. You are much better off giving each thing a go rather than living in regret.”

We are excited for Zane and the bright future ahead of him. Go Forward!