The pathways to personal excellence in 2020

For Year 12 students throughout our nation, 2020 has been a year like no other. At Guildford Grammar School, our senior students were fortunate to experience only a minor disruption to on-campus learning, especially in comparison to our Eastern states counterparts. However, disruption came in many COVID-19 related forms and the Class of 2020 have overcome challenges and adapted to a constantly changing landscape to navigate a ‘new normal’ with confidence and continued focus. It has been inspiring to witness.

Although the goalposts look different this year, we can be proud of the way our students have forged ahead to create their own pathways to success.

At Guildford Grammar School, we create a range of pathways to personal excellence and inspire students to go forward and define success on their own terms. This philosophy has never been so valuable as in 2020. With many universities having already distributed offers for Bachelor’s degrees, the pressure on ATAR scores for university entrance has naturally been somewhat relieved.

With Year 12 exams now concluded, a number of Guildford Grammar students have already been offered university placements. Offers have come from all five Western Australian universities in degrees ranging from Engineering, Biomedical Science and Chemistry to Law, Early Education and Architectural Science. However, it is important to note that university entrance is not necessarily the desired destination for all students. A number of enterprising students have also set up employment, apprenticeships and traineeships in a range of industries in preparation for next year.

The Class of 2020 have proven themselves to be an exceptional and diverse group of young women and men with many talents, interests and abilities. This diversity is represented in their post-school destinations and career choices.

Our students are so fortunate to have a broad range of pathways available to them. This year, students have been able to study General courses together with a Certificate of Business; undertake study at TAFE several times a week; complete external pre-apprenticeships; or, work towards their ATAR. There is no right or wrong way to navigate Year 12.

A variety of options, combined with the right support, can lead to a pathway full of opportunities. With the support of Mentors, Heads of Houses, subject teachers, parents and specialist careers advisory, our students can carefully consider all of their options.

At Guildford Grammar School, we recognise the need to provide varied, relevant and challenging pathways to prepare young people for what lies ahead. The value of an education worth having is just that – an individualised approach and a successful pathway for all learners that will inspire and fulfil them. As we look back on 2020, we can be proud of the tremendous accomplishments our students have achieved and the role we have played to prepare them for the next exciting stage of their lives.
Mrs Anne Dunstan                                          Dr Julie Harris
Principal                                                          Director of Teaching and Learning