Student Success in 2021

The last few years of school for our 2021 Year 12 graduates have been a very different experience to those who have experienced a school journey without COVID-19. However, our students’ outstanding achievements are testament to their dedication, persistence and ability to embrace change during these extraordinary years.

Among our leaving cohort are individuals who will work in agriculture, social services, medicine, mining, teaching, the service sector, and the arts, to name a few. Not only does this demonstrate the diverse talent within the group but also our commitment to discovering and nurturing our students’ individual strengths and passions.

As the world continues to change, so does the future workplace and the skills needed to succeed. Not only will we value problem-solving, innovation and creativity; cross-functional, multi-disciplinary and team-based work will be essential by a workforce with finely tuned social and emotional skills.

Education needs to be flexible, personalised and diverse. As 2021 concludes, a number of our students have received early offers and scholarships from leading universities, apprenticeships in their chosen field and full-time employment before receiving their exam results.

This year, our students accomplished impressive results. Their results in ATAR, General and Vocational Education and Training (VET) pathways demonstrate that our school continues to inspire students to Go Forward on their own unique pathway to achieve personal success.

Our significant achievements include:

  • A Median ATAR score of 83.30 for students applying for university entrance.
  • 3.3% of these students gained an ATAR of 99 or above placing them in the top 1% nationally.
  • 12.1% of students gained an ATAR of 95 or above placing them in the top 5% nationally.
  • 26.4% of students gained an ATAR of 90 or above placing them in the top 10% nationally.
  • 41.8% of students gained an ATAR of 85 or above placing them in the top 15% nationally.
  • 53.8% of students gained an ATAR of 80 or above placing them in the top 20% nationally.

Click here to see our Student Success 2021 infographic.

We congratulate our students for their remarkable achievements, including Jemima Lyford for the School’s Highest ATAR score of 99.55, Leo Oldfield who was announced School Dux at Prize Giving and achieved an outstanding ATAR of 99.45 and Sebastian Anderson who received the Dux for General pathway.

Our students are fortunate to have a broad range of pathways available to them. A number of our students have successfully secured employment, apprenticeships, traineeships, scholarships and TAFE placements in a wide range of industries. As well as those seeking and achieving university entrance.

This year, we have been proud to support students to undertake General courses together with a Certificate III or IV in Business; attend TAFE several times a week; complete external pre-apprenticeships; or work towards their ATAR. We are pleased to report that 100% of students enrolled in Certificate III and IV in Business successfully achieved the qualification.

This success would not be possible without our individual focus, dedicated support, extraordinary opportunities and student choice.

We congratulate Zane Harding who was offered an impressive eight employment opportunities before the end of Year 12 and successfully accepted a position for an apprenticeship in Certificate III as a Mobile Plant Mechanic. Zane was well prepared on his personalised pathway to achieve success. His studies in English and his Cert III in Business gave him the specific skills he needed for the work, and his workplace learning experience allowed him the opportunity to develop experience in the industry and a professional environment. Our skilled and motivational educators guided him on his unique journey; “I believed I could do it,” explained Zane.

At Guildford Grammar School, we create pathways to personal excellence and empower students to find their own individual strengths and passions on their journey of discovery. Our Class of 2021 have proven themselves to be positive, ambitious and resilient learners. As a school, we are proud of their achievements and personal contributions, and look forward to their diverse and exciting futures.