Student success in 2022

Although we have been fortunate to experience a significant period of ‘normal’ school life in 2022, our Year 12 graduates have faced the impact of COVID-19 as recently as earlier this year and during their final years of schooling. We are proud of the resilience and dedication they have shown in their response and efforts, culminating in many students earning impressive results.  

Among our leaving cohort are individuals who will work or study in agriculture, medicine, law, nursing and allied health, mining, teaching, the arts and the Australian Defence Forces. This is not an inclusive list but showcases the diverse talent within the group and our commitment to discovering and nurturing their individual strengths and passions.

We are seeing a divergence in the future workplace, but also in the pathways to get there.  In considering the future of education and work, navigating the employment landscape will be an important skill for our graduates. With emerging pathways to access post-secondary destinations, we have undertaken revisions to our senior secondary pathways at Guildford Grammar School. Our Go Forward Pathway options enable students to determine their own route; Forward to Uni, Forward to TAFE or Forward to Work, with multiple channels that can be tailored to ensure our students are able to reach their desired post-secondary destinations.

A number of students have already successfully secured employment, apprenticeships and traineeships, scholarships and TAFE placements across a wide range of industries. Over 40 students (100%) achieved a Certificate III or IV Vocational Educational and Training (VET) qualification this year, which for many students has provided direct entry to university.

A summary of our academic results includes:

  • A median ATAR of 78.95, however, of those eligible for a university place, the median ATAR was 84.94
  • 5.6% of these students gained an ATAR of 97.5% or above placing them in the top 2.5% nationally
  •  9.9 % of these students gained an ATAR of 95% or above placing them in the top 5% nationally
  • 25.4 % of these students gained an ATAR of 90% or above placing them in the top 10% nationally
  • 36.6 % of these students gained an ATAR of 85% or above placing them in the top 15% nationally
  • 46.5% of these students gained an ATAR of 80% or above placing then in the top 20% nationally

Click here to read our infographic on Student Success in 2022.

We congratulate Darby Walsh who achieved the School’s highest ATAR score of 98.2, along with Michael Jacobs, Jeremy McVey and Callum Neill who all scored 97.5 or above – an outstanding achievement. We also congratulate Lucas Hall who received the DUX for ATAR and Thomas James who was awarded the DUX for General pathway.

At Guildford Grammar School, we create pathways to personal excellence and empower students to find their own individual strengths and passions on their journey of discovery.  Our team of dedicated staff provide personalised and meaningful learning experiences that inspire students to Go Forward.

As a School, we are proud of the Class of 2022, their individual achievements and personal contributions, and we look forward to their diverse and exciting futures.