Seven reasons to love our libraries

“Shhhhh…. this is a library,” is not something you are likely to hear in one of our libraries at Guildford Grammar School. In fact, most of the time our libraries are a hub of activity! From Preparatory School students looking for the latest Andy Griffiths book or a non-fiction book on historical heroes, to our Senior School students meeting for Book Club or for one of the after-school Homework Help sessions, our libraries are busy and lively places. And that’s just how we like it!

Here are 7 reasons to love our GGS libraries:

  1. We have lots of online resources to help with your assignments
    The library website hosts an abundance of resources for students, including databases, study skill resources, magazines, almanacs and news sites, that students can access free of charge. The website also features book trailers, a section for new books and teaching resources, a featured reader and lots of resources for staff.
  2. The Prep School Library has been updated and looks brand-new
    Our new shelving has all been installed and it looks amazing, not to mention the great view.
  3. Need help with your homework? 
    After school, from Monday to Thursday, the Senior School Library runs free Homework Help sessions, with several recent graduates on hand to help students with their study skills and strategies.
  4. We love a good display
    From photos of staff with their dogs to celebrate Year of the Dog, stories and photos of our boarders at home, and postcards from Prep students over the school holidays, our libraries are always full of bright and interesting displays.
  5. Clubs, clubs, and more clubs!  
    Many of our co-curricular clubs are run from our libraries, including Chess Club, Board Games Club and more. Our longest running clubs are our Junior and Senior Book Clubs, which meet each week to discuss their latest great reads. So popular are our Book Clubs that former students regularly return to meet current students and reminisce about their time at the school. They even have their own special T-shirt!
  6. Comfortable chairs and cushions
    Particularly in the Prep School, there is usually a queue of children waiting outside the Library door at lunch time hoping to find a great read that they can enjoy on one of the comfortable beanbags, chairs or reading nooks during their lunch break.
  7. Our staff and volunteers, of course!  
    Our friendly staff are always on hand to help students (or staff) to select a great book, help with printing and accessing the computers and check the books in and out. We also have some great student and parent volunteers who help with shelving, covering books and during library events. And for those really hard questions, there’s always the “Ask the Librarian” page on the website. 

Parents are welcome to drop into our libraries after school drop-off or pick-up to have a browse and see all that we have to offer for our students. You might even find a good book for yourself! 

To learn more about the opportunities available for Guildford Grammar School students book in for a tour of the School.