Lloyd’s Pathway to Personal Excellence

Lloyd Carver-Kriege’s journey

Personal success is just that, personal. Our students are empowered on their journey of discovery to choose their own pathway, personalise their learning and define what success looks like to them so they can graduate with the skills, opportunity and tools to reach their post-school destination, whatever they may be.

Year 12 student and now graduate, Lloyd Carver-Kriege has journeyed through Guildford Grammar School and moves to his next exciting adventure after being awarded the Vynka Hohnen Scholarship to study a Bachelor of Film and Television at Bond University in Queensland.

Lloyd Carver-Kriege delivering his scholarship thank you speech at Bond University (2022).

There were many aspects of school life that positively impacted Lloyd’s journey with the most prolific being his study of Media Production and Analysis ATAR with Mr Brad Minchin as his teacher.

Lloyd found that Mr. Minchin was engaging in his ideals of teaching the intricacies and details behind the production of a cohesive and empowering piece of work – specifically in his analysis of the film – The Grand Budapest Hotel. Lloyd reflects “The way Mr Minchin dove deeply into Wes Anderson, in his way of expressing his artistic vision and thoughts upon the world through his film, encapsulated it for me deeply and made me want to explore film more extensively, hence my application to Bond University.”

Another opportunity that shaped Lloyd’s journey was his four years of Rowing. A sport he had previously being uninterested in but was drawn to when the 1st VIII team won the Challenge Cup in 2017.  “I knew that the feeling of winning in such a fashion had to be unlike anything else, and in turn, I gave it a chance. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, gaining the skills of resilience, pride, character, and leadership, as well as making a multitude of lifelong friends and being part of the program.  I won’t forget the feeling of winning a 1st VIII race, winning Guildford on Swan in 2021!”

Lloyd Carver-Kriege rowing at the PSA Guildford on Swan Regatta (2022).

Our extraordinary opportunities empower students to find their own individual strengths and passions, and Lloyd has truly embraced every opportunity available to him at Guildford Grammar School. He attributes his success to the skills, commitment, interests and lifelong lessons learnt from every experience of which there are many. They include but are not limited to, Preparatory School Councilor, School Tour Guide, Peer Support Leader, Sports Assistant, House Vice-Captain and Prefect, Chant Squad, Rowing, Soccer, Trumpet, Vocals, School Musical, Public Speaking, Fundraiser, the list goes on!

“I’m eternally grateful for all of the opportunities that Guildford has provided for me throughout my time at the school, and that GGS will be part of me until the day I die.” We are so excited for Lloyd and the bright future ahead of him. Go Forward and define what success look like for you.