Riley’s Pathway to Personal Excellence

Riley Neill’s journey

Another shining example of our pathways to personal excellence in action is 2022 graduate Riley. Riley shared some of his experiences with us.

Q: What are your ambitions and goals for 2023?

A: I’ll be going across to the UK to play cricket. At the moment, I am unsure where I will play, but I’m hoping to be set up reasonably close to London. This has been a dream since I was a young boy, and now that it is becoming real, it feels amazing!

Q: Did you have a favourite teacher?

A: I have many favourites, and all have been very supportive of me, but Mr Toop has been unreal as an English teacher. He has not only advanced my studies, but was very personable. I felt as though I could approach him with anything that I was worried about or struggled with.

Q: How do you think Guildford Grammar School helped you prepare for success?

A: Moving to GGS is something I’ll forever cherish. Although I loved my old school, I felt as though I was provided with more guidance and routine to get me through Year 10–12. Not only did my teachers provide routine, they allowed me to grow as a human by pushing me to be the best version of myself so I’m ready for success.

Finding passion and purpose as our student’s journey through their school experience is a rewarding goal as they use these foundations to pursue their career aspirations into the future. At Guildford Grammar School, we empower students to discover their passions and interests by exploring the wide breadth of opportunities available so they can carve out their own route to personal excellence. Learn more about these opportunities look like here.