Preparatory School (Kindergarten to Year 6)

Welcome to the Guildford Grammar Preparatory School, where learning comes to life through exploration, discovery and deep engagement.
Our focus is on your child and their development over their primary school years. Yes, we focus on the basics as core foundations to learning, and we have our sights set on something else - who your son and daughter may be in 20 years. We do this through the crucial work in developing sound reading, writing, mathematics and science core competencies. But that is not enough for their future! We work alongside our students to help them to shine the light on their creativity, wonder, joy and excitement, so that they see their potential as a learner and a change maker. Throw into that mix a very healthy dose of art, music, sport, dance, drama, debating, technology and play and we have a Preparatory School experience that sets them up to understand their own personal excellence and the difference they can make in our world as a citizen.

We work hard - we have an enormous amount of fun - we practice daily respect, teamwork, compassion, spirituality and excellence and we give our students a childhood learning experience full of awe and wonder.

This is the environment we create. Our team of outstanding educators working with you, your sons and daughters to give them a foundation for life.

For further information on the Preparatory School please contact our Registrar or click here to download our Preparatory School Handbook.