Sally’s Pathway to Personal Excellence

Sally Carter’s journey

Sally recently graduated Year 12 with us at Guildford Grammar School and has a bright future ahead of her. She has clear goals and ambitions for herself since graduating at our School. We asked Sally a few questions about her journey of discovery:

Q: What is your post-school plan?

A: To attend the University of Notre Dame to study a Bachelor of Nursing in 2023 with an early offer.

Q: What co-curricular activity impacted your school journey the most?

A: Rowing. I was Co-Captain of Boats for 2022 and it was my favourite part of my GGS experience. I loved how hard it was and how close it brought everyone together.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share?

A: GGS is the 4th school I have been to, and it’s by far the best. It gave me a great place to grow up and I will always appreciate the opportunities I’ve had here.

We have many extraordinary opportunities at Guildford Grammar School that shape our students, uncover passions and talents and inspire their pathway to personal excellence. We love hearing about our student’s diverse and fulfilling experiences that have prepared them for their bright futures.

Sally has a very promising future ahead. We are confident that Sally will lead herself confidently and successfully in a Nursing career. It is encouraging to hear that Sally holds rowing experiences so fondly. We make every effort at Guildford Grammar School to enable our students to build meaningful relationships with one another, enabling a positive peer support network for positive wellbeing. We pride ourselves on our community spirit which encourages a feeling of belonging that can last a lifetime. You can learn more about what our community looks like at Guildford Grammar School here.