Go Forward Scholarships
Now Closed

Applications for 2021 enrolment have now closed.

Guildford Grammar School’s purpose is “Inspiring students to achieve personal excellence and to be outstanding citizens who work to create a just, peaceful and loving society”.
The School has a proud history of providing educational opportunities for a broad range of students who would not normally have the means to attend the School, which is directly linked to our purpose, our Anglican ethos and egalitarian outlook.
The School Council has endorsed with enthusiasm the establishment of the “Go Forward Foundation Educational Scholarship Trust”, which is a Deductible Gift Trust that acts as a vehicle to enable students to enrol at the School from Years 8 to 11 and experience the full range of opportunities that a Guildford Grammar School education can provide.
A limited number of Go Forward Scholarships are available to students entering Years 8 to 11 in 2021, who would not otherwise be able to afford to attend Guildford Grammar School and who display outstanding characteristics across a broad range of areas including high academic achievement.  The successful applicant will be a student who has displayed qualities of excellence, respect, service, leadership and commitment within their school and wider community. 
In 2021, the School is also extending the opportunity to our families, whose son or daughter is currently attending Guildford Grammar School and not already in receipt of a scholarship.  A limited number will be on offer.

Students will not be required to sit an entrance examination, but the scholarship will be awarded by the Principal based on a student's comprehensive application, portfolio and personal interview.  The Scholarship will provide a reduction in the level of tuition fee and boarding fee (if applicable) payable as determined by the Principal after consideration of the applicant family’s ability to contribute to the cost of tuition and boarding fees.  The Scholarship will be awarded for the period until the student graduates from Guildford Grammar School.  The continuance of the Scholarship will be subject to annual review to ensure that the recipient is maintaining satisfactory progress.