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Past Captain of School

Cassius Hynam, Captain of School 2016"Despite being a student who typically gravitated towards mathematics and the science, the Catalyst Program enabled me to explroe a wide range of other fields I might not have usually completed.  In doing so, I was able to ignite interest in subjects such as Chinese Language, Economics and Politics, three subjects which now compose my majors at University.  The best advicr I can give is to go outside your comfort zone, approach every class with a positive mindset and be excited about all that you can learn."

Cassius Hynam
School Captain, 2016


Current Students

Angus (Year 8)
"I enjoy building and creating things so I selected Engineering Studies, Visual Art, Design for Wood and Sports Science as my Discover Courses this year.  Engineering Studies has been great because I am interested in studying engineering when I leave school and I have been able to study it in Years 7 and 8.  Through these courses I have learned how to program a robot, design an engine, make clay models, use SolidWorks CAD software and how the muscle and skeletal systems work. Overall I have enjoyed the variety of subjects I have been able to choose from."

Jalen (Year 7)
"I like playing and composing music and enjoy art, although I am still getting the hang of it!  The Discovery Courses I selected for this year are Music Concepts and Creation, Music Media, Visual Art and Computer Science.  I like music so this was an easy choice and I am good at art so I thought I would give it a try. I am interested in computers but don’t have a lot of experience in this area, so studying Computer Science gave me a chance to learn about them. So far I have learned how to compose my own music, read music notes, how to draw better and how to use computers to make things a bit easier.  Catalyst has made a big different for me since the start of the term.  I didn’t know much at the beginning of the year but my Discovery Courses have helped me to learn useful skills outside of English and Maths."

Tom (Year 8)
"My Discovery Course selections were based around courses that I thought I would enjoy, or where I might find a future career path. My selections this year were Drama, Sports Science, Design for Wood and Small Business Project. Having studied Sports Science in Years 7 and 8 I am interested in pursuing a career in this area.  Catalyst has given me a great variety of learning opportunities and made learning more interesting. I have learned to improve my preparation before sports games, different methods of philosophical thinking, how to use different machines, how to run a small business and how to edit movies.  I think Catalyst is a good format for students.  The Discovery Courses give us a good variety of options each semester whilst still focusing on the core courses.  It works really well."

Ben (Year 7)
"My 2017 Discovery Courses were Design for Wood, Comfort Zone Challenge, Robotics and Engineering Studies. I selected these because I wanted to do wood work and something hands-on.  In Year 6 I thought I would like to do Robotics as a career, but after doing the Discovery Course I changed my mind!  This year I have learned how to use a drill press and a band saw, how to take effective notes, how to program an EV3 robot and how not to glue my fingers together!  Catalyst has helped me to understand what to expect as I move through the years."

Alex (Year 8)
"Over my last two years in the Senior School I have studied Small Business Project, Media Studies, Design for Wood, Chinese Language, Visual Arts and Design for Metal.  I have really enjoy the freedom and being able to make what I want.  For example, in Visual Art I was given the opportunity to make whatever headwear I wanted.  Through my Discovery Course selections I have learnt basic workshop safety, the skills required to use tools in a workshop, how to appraise artwork, how to plan out a model before making it and how to get along with people outside of my year level.  The Catalyst program has helped develop my ability to pick up new skills and improve on them in a short space of time.  Courses like Media Studies have also helped with my English, by focusing on film codes and conventions."

Cooper (Year 9)
"For Year 8 I selected courses that I thought would be good for me as I was still discovering what I wanted to do and what I enjoyed.  I selected Small Business Project, Robotics, Media Studies and Design for Wood I studied Robotics and Media Studies in Year 7 and enjoyed them, so elected to study them further this year to deepen my understanding. I enjoy the hands-on activities and the problem-solving skills that are involved in Robotics and Engineering Studies and the fact that these courses can help me in my future studies by having practical experience.  Catalyst gives me wide choice of courses to select from and opportunities to experiment with my choices."

Year 7 in 2018
Olivia - Current Student"
I am excited to be have the opportunity to be one of the first girls in Year 7 at Guildford Grammar School and am really looking forward to learning lots of new subjects.  I am really interested in trying things I have not tried before, which is why I selected Dance and Design for Wood.  I selected Chinese language not only because my mum wanted me to, but also because I know that being able to speak Chinese might be useful in the future for work.  My fourth selection is Media Film Production and I selected this because it has always been one of my interests, I have been be interested in making movies or stop-motion movies since I was little.  It also ties in with my interest in music and acting, so it covers a lot of areas for me.  I am really looking forward to Catalyst and the new opportunities it will have for me."


Students joining the School in 2018

Year 7 in 2018
Sryah - Joining the School in 2018“I am looking forward to being able to try different things and figure out what I really want to learn when I get into my upper school years.  My Discovery Courses for 2018 are Astronomy and Dance.  I chose these because they are completely different subjects that I have not had a chance to try before. I have spent lots of time learning about all aspects of our world and I think that the Astronomy course will go beyond this and give me a chance to learn about the stars, planets and the galaxy.  As a gymnast I am used to practicing moving my body with lots of control, so I think that Dance will provide a chance for me to do something fun, and experiment with different ways of moving. As a completely new student to the school I am looking forward to learning how to work with students from different schools with different ideas, and experimenting with the things I like and my learning style.”

Year 7 in 2018
Sam - Joining the School in 2018“When selecting my Discovery Courses I selected courses I thought I would find fun and interesting, so I selected Chinese, Design for Wood, Comfort Zone Challenge and Media and Film Production.  I picked Chinese because I think it will help me in my future and so that I can talk to my brother and no-one will know what we’re saying!  Design for Wood interested me because I enjoy making things and it will be fun to use machines and tools that I haven’t had a chance to use before.  The Comfort Zone Challenge sounds interesting because there is a lot of variety in what we will learn, and I think Media and Film Production will be fun as I haven’t done it before!  I am looking forward to being able to learn new things and all the opportunities I will have to discover what I enjoy and what I am good at.”

Year 7 in 2018
Sean - Joining the School in 2018"I am looking forward to starting the Catalyst program and learning new subjects that I have never studied before.  I have selected French, Design for Wood, Astronomy and Media Film Production. I selected French to broaden my European languages.  I have been learning Italian since Year 1 but I want to expand on another European language.  I am looking forward to studying Astronomy because the stars and the planets take up such a vast space in the universe and I want to learn what stars and planets are out there.  As a learner I think I am curious, have a good memory and I am able to remain calm under pressure, so I think I will take a lot away from the Catalyst program."
Year 8 in 2018
Danyelle - Joining the School in 2018"I am really grateful for all of the choices the Catalyst program offers.  There is so much to choose from so I really had to take the time to think about what I wanted to try, or love doing.  It’s also comforting to know that I can try something for a year at a time and if I don’t like it or find something else that I am more interested in I can change it.  My Discovery Courses for 2018 are Design for Metal, Visual Art and Sports Science. I am a very creative person so Visual Art and Design for Metal were easy choices.  My third choice was more difficult but my interest in sport won over my interest in French Language and I selected Sports Science. I can always take French next year!"  

Year 7 in 2018
Hayley - Joining the School in 2018"The Catalyst program at Guildford Grammar School has a great variety of subject selections that cater for many interests.  I selected French, Design for Wood, Dance and Media and Film Production.  I selected these courses because I have not had much experience in these subjects and they seem very interesting to learn about and do.  I am looking forward to learning new things and getting out of my comfort zone.  Some new skills I am hoping to learn include how to make short films, learning to speak a new language and some new art skills in Design for Wood.  My normal artistic preference is free-hand drawing, so this is quite different.  I think I am good at art, which is why I selected media and woodwork and I am looking forward to transferring my creativity into my work.  I am really looking forward to my new education journey in 2018.  I think it will be an exciting time for the school."

Year 7 in 2018
Matilda - Joining the School in 2018"When I selected my courses I thought about my strengths and my love of learning, persistence and curiosity and how interested I was in the subjects offered.  I selected Astronomy and Robotics and The Guildford Gourmet as my Discovery Courses for 2018. I chose Astronomy because I find the prospect of space interesting and we’ve only discovered a miniscule part of what’s out there.  It appealed to me as we will be able to see space through telescopes and learn more about how suns, black holes and other things happened.  I chose Robotics as I think it is the way of the future and therefore useful to know.  This appealed to me as I hope we will investigate humanoid robots!  I am most looking forward to the language course in Catalyst.  I chose French because I enjoy learning about different languages and cultures."

Hayley and Tom (brother and sister)

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