Frequently asked questions


How will students be catered for if they forget their device or do not have one?

A small number of devices will be available on loan from the school library each day. These may be used as a short-term backup, however, they may not be taken home and may not have all the features of the BYOD specifications.


Do I need to purchase Microsoft Office?

All enrolled students are entitled to access Microsoft Office 365, which allows them to download the latest version of Microsoft Office on their own device.


Do I need to purchase Antivirus?

Each device on the BYOD scheme must have antivirus software installed. If you do not wish to purchase a commercial antivirus product, a free antivirus program will be available for download.


Will the laptops be monitored at home?

When being used at school, these devices will be subject to the standard web filtering applied to all school computers. All internet traffic will be monitored and filtered based on the School policies. When used at home, the School does not monitor any internet access and therefore parents may be more comfortable applying a personal web filtering software package.


Can the devices be charged at school?

Under the BYOD Agreement, devices must come to school each day fully charged.


Is an external hard drive necessary?

External Hard Drives are used to provide some backup of software.  Under our Office 365 agreement, Microsoft provide 1TB of storage free using the OneDrive software.


Is an optical (CD/DVD) drive required?

No. All software can be downloaded via the school network or the internet.


What can I do if I can’t afford a laptop?

Please contact the School’s Director of Finance to discuss alternative arrangements.


What happens if my laptop is lost / stolen or broken?

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure their laptop is protected.  The school takes no responsibility for damage / lost / stolen equipment, and strongly recommends that families protect the laptops with private insurance and warranty.


My laptop is flat

Students must bring their laptop to school fully charged.  If  the laptop loses charge, then a limited number of laptops may be available for students to borrow (from the library).  If a student consistently uses the library laptops then they may be reported to their Head of House as being unprepared for class.



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