Years 7-9

Historical Heroes Catalyst electiveStudents in Years 7-9 undertake their studies through our innovative Catalyst Curriculum, made up of core subjects, the Personal Learning Program and courses offered through our Discovery Learning Banks.

Year 7-9 Core Subjects

Personal Learning Program (PLP)

The Personal Learning Program (PLP) is a three-year, sequential learning program aimed at developing individual abilities and skills as well as providing the flexibility for students to explore new areas of interest or continue learning in disciplines that align with their passions and academic strengths. The principles of individual and meaningful learning are organising tenets of the Personal Learning Program. Students grow their understanding of who they are as learners through this program which includes participation in four Action Projects incorporated into each student’s Core learning and the opportunity to select and study four Discovery Courses each year.

Year 7 Action Projects
  • Man and Machine
  • How Vital is Water
  • Ancient Mysteries
  • To Bottle or not to Bottle
Year 8 Action Projects
  • Life, Death and Germs
  • We are Australia
  • Voice of the People
  • Geolanders
Year 9 Action Projects
  • How Hot am I?
  • Power Play
  • Guildford ANZAC
  • Stagnant Swamp or Wild Wetland?
Discovery Learning Banks

The Discovery Learning Banks offer a wide range of practical and academic courses. In all junior secondary years Discovery courses are organised around three learning Banks: Creativity, Technology and Opportunity. The arrangement of Discovery courses in these important years of schooling provides significant choice across a broad range of subject disciplines.    Across this three-year sequential program students will select and complete twelve Discovery courses. Each course runs for one term and results in 35 hours of instruction.

Year 7
Creative Technology Opportunity
Comfort Zone Challenge  Computer Science Astronomy
Media Studies Design and ICT Ethics in Sport
Music Concepts and Creation Technology & Materials Studies Music Media
Visual Art Systems Engineering Robotics
    Small Business Project

Years 8 and 9
Creative Technology Opportunity
Drama Computer Science Astronomy
Media Studies Design and ICT Chinese
Music Concepts and Creation Technology & Materials Studies Ethics in Sport
Visual Art Systems Engineering French
    Music Media
    Small Business Project
    Sports Science

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