The Arts

Drama and performing arts at Guildford Grammar SchoolGuildford Grammar School has an exciting and innovative Arts faculty, offering students a variety of opportunities to engage in the Arts. 

Students in the Visual Arts are able to develop skills in such areas as pottery, drawing, painting and lino printing.  The Visual Arts has extensive community support, with exhibitions and fund raising activities throughout the year. 

In Drama, students are encouraged to experiment with different dramatic forms and express themselves in a theatrical context.  Performances are also regularly held for the local and wider community in the David Lawe Davies Centre. You can learn more about our Drama program here.

The Music Department has a number of bands and an Orchestra which perform on a regular basis at school and public functions.  The Choir is also an integral part of the School’s community, bringing the Preparatory School and Senior School together in the beautiful setting of the Chapel of St Mary & St George
Media facilitates the exploration of dominant media forms through analysis and production.  Students learn how to construct media texts while also learning about new technologies.  Future film evenings are planned to exhibit student’s work. At Guildford Grammar School, the Media Department facilitates the analysis and production of Media forms such as film, radio, television, print and multimedia. Students examine how the media works and create productions which reflect their understandings.  They are actively engaged in various activities, from traditional media forms such as print and advertising to studying foreign and ‘cult’ films. Students are encouraged to experiment and create innovative and exciting media productions.