Academic Talent Program

Academic Talent program at Guildford Grammar SchoolEnabling our students to harness and develop their special academic talents is one of the key goals of our Catalyst Curriculum.

Our Academic Talent Program, aptly named STRIVE, offers students with specific talents and strong personal drive, the opportunities to be engaged in coursework that seeks to develop their academic gifts. 

In the Catalyst core learning areas our STRIVE Advanced courses in English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities and Social Science provide our most able students with opportunities to develop their talents and pursue personal excellence. Each unit of work has been tailored specifically to extend and challenge each student’s thinking. Learning activities, resources and assessment tasks are carefully and deliberately selected to extend and develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills and expand their general world knowledge.

Consideration has been given to providing opportunities for students to draw on their individual learning styles and assessments have been structured to allow them to demonstrate their outstanding abilities and extend their repertoire of skills in the English and Mathematics learning areas. 

Selection to one of the Core STRIVE courses is based on criteria including a proven record of high academic performance, NAPLAN and AGAT test results and Head of Faculty recommendations. Equally, STRIVE students are required to demonstrate a strong desire to develop their academic talents. 

Student performance in these STRIVE courses is reviewed on a semester basis.        
As part of our drive to encourage students to achieve personal excellence, two STRIVE Discovery courses are offered by invitation each year. STRIVE Discovery courses provide intellectual challenge and encourage academic rigour within specific curriculum fields and are taught by teachers with passion and expertise in these elective areas of study. 
STRIVE Discovery courses previously offered to students include:
  • Nanotechnology 
  • Critical and Creative Writing 
  • Educational Technology in Practice 
  • The Art of Strategic and Tactical Thinking 
  • Epidemiology  
  • Making the Most of your Brain - Neuroscience
Inspiring students to achieve personal excellence and to be outstanding citizens who work to create a just, loving and peaceful society.