Pastoral Care and support

Pastoral care at Guildford Grammar SchoolPastoral care is not just a phrase at Guildford Grammar School. It is central to everything we do and is the foundation of all learning. For us, the social and emotional needs of each student are just as important as academic outcomes.

Our specialist teachers provide a high level of care and support, getting to know each student and their individual needs. Our class sizes allow us to spend time with your child to provide a supportive learning environment. We have a strong and supportive pastoral care model, that includes:

• Peer support
• Learning support
• Spiritual guidance
• School psychologists
• Medical and health professionals

Each child from Year 1-6 is a member of a Quarter (North, South, East and West), with many Quarter activities, sporting and cultural, taking place throughout the year.  


Within our Anglican school, our Chaplain complements our academic programs by providing spiritual guidance, leading our students towards a life of purpose.

The School Chaplain is available for individual confidential counselling. For further information contact Father Barry Moss on or (+61 8) 9377 9245.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing

We have developed a comprehensive Social and Emotionak Wellbeing Framework that can be viewed here.

Child Protection Policy

Guildford Grammar School is committed to the care, safety and protection of all of its students from Kindergarten through to Year 12. The responsibility of the School extends beyond academic success to the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of children and the provision of a caring and supportive learning environment. To this end, it recognises that it is essential that the safety, health, welfare and well-being of its students are safeguarded at all times when in the care of the School, its teachers, staff and volunteers.

Click here to view our Child Protection Policy

Class Teachers

Class teachers are always available to assist with academic issues and to talk to as a caring adult about issues of concern.


The Preparatory School has a registered Psychologist who provides support and assistance for children with special educational needs. 

Cybersafety Agreement

As an Anglican foundation, Guildford Grammar School has a moral responsibility to its staff, students and parents to maintain a safe physical and emotional educational environment; the use of the Internet and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) and a number of related cybersafetyissues included. 

Medical Centre

The School has a fully-equipped Medical Centre, with a 6 bed ward. It is staffed by qualified nursing staff, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day during the academic term. The medical centre staff are available to deal with medical issues and to discuss personal problems in a confidential manner.

Positive Peer Relations

It is a fundamental right of every young person to feel safe in the school environment. In an attempt to achieve this, Guildford Grammar School has developed policies, procedures and practices to ensure as much as possible that any child is emotionally and physically safe. The Anti-Bullying Policy explains the policy and procedures in place at Guildford Grammar School to reduce/eliminate bullying behaviour in the School.  To view the Positive Peer Relations Policy click here.