Years 5-6

Year 5 and 6In the upper primary years, students continue to experience authentic, real-life learning experiences with a focus on critical and creative thinking skills. Engagement is key. Students work collaboratively to construct new knowledge, develop skills and make connections between their learning and global and local issues.

Our curriculum and methods of teaching are responsive to the individual needs and learning requirements of every student. Students are encouarged to question their surroundings and employ inquiry-based learning methods such as research, reflection and communication. Year 5 and 6 students are encouraged to focus on deep learning as they strive for personal excellence.

In response to how students like to learn, technology is central to our education program. Students can draw on a range of online learning resources that facilitate rich learning experiences and allow for close connections between the classroom and home.

As students begin to prepare for the demands of high school and adolescence, a holistic approach to education and wellbeing is further developed in the upper primary years. Children are encouraged to adopt a service mindset and enjoy the vast range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities available to them. Camps, service learning, student leadership opportunities, public speaking, music, sport and passion projects all enrich the lives of our upper primary students and provide boundless opportunities for them to thrive.