Years 3-4

Year 3 and 4 students are inspired in a nurturing and challenging education setting. Students are supported to become independent thinkers and take greater responsibility in their personal learning journey. Computers and other forms of technology become an
integral part of learning to equip students with the skills required for their future.

A strong emphasis continues to be placed on literacy and numeracy in these years. Our upstairs book hive boasts an enormous collection of books and novels and provides many opportunities for children to escape in their imagination or engage with the wider world. We believe reading is critical to instilling a passion for learning and spirit of inquiry.

Our students pride themselves on being the most environmentally conscious in the School. Our proximity to the Swan River and wetlands provide endless conservation opportunities and facilitates a creative and flexible learning approach.

Our students are valued for their unique strengths and passions. Positive relationships among students, their families and our dedicated and energetic team of teachers, education assistants and specialist staff lead to meaningful learning experiences that bring out the best in every student.