Years 1-2

Year 1 at Guildford Grammar SchoolYear 1 and 2 students are engaged in inquiry-based learning that allows them to make strong connections with their environment and builds on the strong foundations built in their early years. To continue to foster a sense of exploration and discovery and harness a child’s natural curiosity, we provide a creative and nature-based learning environment that stimulates a spirit of adventure. Strong literacy and numeracy skills are developed using the latest research and appropriate teaching.

Our students enjoy an ideal learning environment that features break-out spaces and discovery hubs, as well as boundless outdoor natural play areas that include the Swan River and foreshore and green, spacious grounds.

Children are encouraged to explore, inquire and make connections across all curriculum areas. The Australian Curriculum and Early Years Learning Framework is supported by a dynamic and broad program that perfectly complements and reinforces the curriculum and each area of inquiry.

We aim to inspire a spirit of citizenship in our young learners and help them to develop mindfulness and empathy.