Why Guildford Grammar School?

An outstanding education at Guildford Grammar SchoolTo discover what is special about Guildford Grammar School, we invite you to tour our beautiful campus and meet our school community.  Relationships are the key to our success. We believe that to improve academic outcomes, students need to be engaged in the learning. Our teachers are committed to building positive relationships with students to ensure the best possible educational experience.

Here is just a glimpse of what makes Guildford Grammar School different.

Our Students

We equip our students to live a life of purpose. They are curious, respectful citizens with a strong sense of social justice. We encourage them to discover and express their own voice, learning the difference they can make for themselves and others.

Our People

We have a wonderful and collaborative team of staff at Guildford Grammar School, who all passionately share our values for learning and for the community. They strive to go above and beyond every day in caring for our students and connecting with our families.


We see our school as a natural extension of the home. Mutual respect and understanding form the basis of constructive relationships between staff and students. These bonds have a profound effect on academic outcomes.

Student Wellbeing

Our proven and comprehensive pastoral care system ensures that every child is known and cared for within a rewarding and holistic culture. Our social and emotional wellbeing program enables students to develop personal skills that will enable them to thrive beyond the school gates.

The stunning campus at Guildford Grammar SchoolInclusive Community

We have a strong country heritage and benefit from a truly diverse and close-knit community that draws from all over the metropolitan area, regional Western Australia and overseas.

Personal Excellence

Academic success means different things to different people. Every child is unique. We work closely with individual students to develop personalised learning pathways that will ensure every child can develop their strengths and actively pursue their passions.

Spacious Grounds

The space and natural beauty of our school grounds afford the best possible learning environment for our children. There is room to grow, explore, be creative, be active and be inspired.  Take a Virtual Tour of our campus here.


As one of Western Australia's oldest independent schools, Guildford Grammar School has been providing an outstanding education for 125 years. We are known for developing innovative and creative people of outstanding character.


Our education philosophy is firmly grounded in preparing students for life beyond tomorrow. We embrace change and appreciate the demands of modern life to ensure students are equipped to pursue bright futures.