Holly Miller

Dr Holly MillerHolly joins us from Christ Church Grammar School where she was the Deputy Head of the Preparatory School.  As well as also working as an Early Learning Coordinator, Holly has spent time teaching Kindergarten in Cleveland and was a Year 3 teacher at Hale School.

Holly has embraced the morning tradition of handshakes, high fives and chats with our students and parents, citing it as a highlight of her day.

Holly’s days are busy and varied, from meeting with other school leaders to discuss teaching and learning or school management, to teaching in the Year 3 classroom, accompanying Pre-Primary students on their outdoor adventures to the river, and working with teachers on continual improvement.

“I see my role as supporting the students and staff to achieve personal excellence. By supporting staff in the teaching and learning that takes place in the classroom and focusing on our pedagogy we can provide a rich learning environment that enables all children to achieve personal excellence. I am passionate about inquiry learning as it is highly engaging and personalised for children and provides opportunities for deep and meaningful learning experiences. When inquiry is taught in balance with direct instructions children flourish and love their learning.”

“I also believe that schools must focus on the pastoral care and emotional wellbeing of children. This is something that Guildford Grammar School has always done well and I feel my values align with the School’s values.  My aim is to work with the team to provide our students with clear expectations and boundaries, a restorative approach to behaviour guidance, kindness and an open door to ensure all of our students are developing positive mental wellbeing.”

Holly is enjoying being part of the Guildford Grammar School community and feels privileged to work at such an amazing campus. “I love that our campus is so connected to the Swan River and many natural spaces.  I am a big advocate of nature pedagogy and the benefits of children spending time outdoors, so I feel very blessed to work in a space that enables us to embed nature and the outdoors in many of our learning experiences and inquiries.”