Policies and Reports

Guildford Grammar School Key Policies

Child Safe Policy
Child Safe Reporting Policy and Procedures
Code of Conduct
Complaints Handling Procedure; Concerns, complaints and grievances
Positive Peer Relations – School Policy on Bullying
Privacy Policy
Whistleblower Policy

Anaphylaxis and Allergy Aware Guidelines
Asthma Guidelines
Dogs on Campus Guidelines

If you would like a copy of any Guildford Grammar School Policies, please contact Mr Clark Wight, Head of Preparatory School, on (+61) 08 9377 9293 or email Clark.Wight@ggs.wa.edu.au or Mr Brad Evans, Head of Senior School, on (+61) 08 9377 9250 or email Brad.Evans@ggs.wa.edu.au.

Annual Reports

Click here to view the School's Annual Reports dating back to 2008.


Guildford Grammar School welcomes suggestions and comments from parents and takes seriously complaints and concerns that may be raised. 
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