P & F Society

The Guildford Grammar School P & F Society is at the core of the School community.  Through the Society’s sub-committees - Friends of Preparatory School (FOPS), Friends of Senior School (FOSS), Boarders Parent’s Association (BPA), as well as sports and arts initiatives, they provide all parents with the opportunity to participate in and contribute to a large number of school-related activities throughout the year.

The P&F’s purpose is to support the School’s focus on inspiring students to be outstanding citizens who work to create a just, loving and peaceful society by:

a)     fostering goodwill between parents, staff, students of the School and the public
b)     providing personal service to the School
c)     seeking financial assistance for the School
d)     delivering opportunities for social exchange between all segments of the School
e)     actively promoting the aims and objectives of the School

The Society’s funding is derived from parents’ membership subscriptions and fundraising initiatives of the P&F’s sub-committees. Each year, in consultation with the School, the P&F establishes the purpose of these funds, delivering community and cultural based outcomes which can be seen and valued by all.

The P&F committee meets in the John Burt Conference Room on the second Monday of each month at 7.00pm.

The Parents and Friends Society 2019 Committee:


  • President – Tony Minchin - email pf@ggs.wa.edu.au
  • Vice President – Peta Barnes
  • Secretary – Hayley McNamara
  • Treasurer – Position Vacant
  • School Council Nominee – Danielle Norrish
  • Senior School Parent Representatives – Peta Barnes and Sheri-lee Knoop-Bender
  • Boarders Parents Association Representative – Sheena Turton
  • Preparatory School Parent Representatives – Alexia Eddowes and Doriano De Santis
  • President FOPS – Jacqueline Littlejohn
  • President FOSS – Nada Edwards and Sarah Eaton
  • Arts Representative – Michelle Osborne
  • Sports Representative – Kate Borg

Guildford Grammar School Parents and Friends Society Mission Statement
We represent one school one community delivering greater visibility, fairer representation, clearer communication and focused expenditure. Together stronger, for the good of the School, for the value we all place on our community, our culture and our values - on behalf of the Parent and School community.

Further Information

The P&F can be contacted on pf@ggs.wa.edu.au. All forthcoming  School community events can be found on the events calendar, and are also advertised in the School's weekly Bulletin.
Inspiring students to achieve personal excellence and to be outstanding citizens who work to create a just, loving and peaceful society.