Our Purpose

A future focused education at Guildford Grammar SchoolAt Guildford Grammar School, we follow the Anglican tradition of providing a caring and inclusive, Christian education.  Our focus is to equip young people with a balanced set of skills that will enable them to be prepared to meet tomorrow's challenges and to live a life of purpose.

Our education philosophy is future-focused and we aim to instil girls and boys with the necessary skills for tomorrow.

Guildford Grammar School students are prepared for the future. Our students are well-rounded individuals who embrace opportunity. They are resilient and appreciate the value of service, understanding their civic duty within an ever-changing society.

We know that personal excellence is more than academic success and strive for every student to reach their potential and seek new opportunities.

Our Purpose and Values are central to everything we do. They guide us in our endeavour to inspire our students.

Our Purpose and Values

Inspiring students to achieve personal excellence and to be outstanding citizens who work to create a just, loving and peaceful society.

Our core values:
  • Excellence - being the best we can be
  • Respect - showing appreciation and consideration for those around us
  • Integrity - sticking to moral and ethical principles even when others are not looking
  • Spirituality - a personal way of loving, accepting and sharing with people and the world
  • Teamwork - working cooperatively to achieve our common goals
  • Compassion - showing sympathy and empathy for others