The Oliverson Society

The Oliverson Society was established in 2013 to honour and recognise those who have already remembered the School in their Will and to encourage members of the Guildford Grammar School family to make a bequest or future gift to the School.

Bequests are a most effective way of providing benefits for future generations of Guildford Grammar School students.

With your help we are determined to protect the future of the School from the fluctuations of government funding by building the Guildford Grammar School Foundation Bequest Fund.

It is our goal, that together we can grow the Bequest Fund over the next decade with the capital remaining intact and only a percentage of the interest earned being used to assist the School develop and grow.

All general purpose bequests made to Guildford Grammar School are invested with the Foundation. Bequests made for a specific purpose are allocated according to the wishes of the donor. For further information please email or call our Director of Community Relations, Mr Richie Longson.  ( or 9377 9216)
If you would like to make it known your intention to include a gift to Guildford Grammar School in your Will you will join others members of the Guildford Grammar School community in the Oliverson Society, you will be invited to special events at School and receive regular updates from the School.  Your bequest will make a difference, regardless of size, to future generations of Guildford Grammar School students.  And of course for those who choose not to share their bequest details with the School, your support of the School’s vision is gratefully accepted as well.
Suggested wording for Wills
a) I give to Guildford Grammar School Foundation Inc of Guildford, Western Australia, free of State and Federal duties, for general use, (one or multiple of the following options)
• The sum of $……………..
• ….% of my Estate or the residue of my Estate
• Life Insurance Policy number………….
• Property (details)………………………………        
b) If the gift in the preceding paragraph (a) cannot take effect completely or at all, to the extent that it cannot take effect, I give it to the charitable organisation or organisations in Australia, which my executor considers most nearly fulfils or fulfil the objects I intend to benefit.