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Anglican Ethos

Chapel of St Mary & St GeorgeAs Guildford Grammar School is a Christian foundation in the Anglican tradition, it recognises the authority of the Bible, Tradition and Reason properly exercised, in informing Christian discipleship and the building up of the Kingdom of God.  This via media perspective of Anglicanism, a middle ground between Roman Catholicism and Reformed Protestantism, has been and continues to be best understood through its liturgical expression in services such as Choral Evensong and the Holy Communion, also called the Eucharist. 

While the Eucharist is the usual expression of worship in the School, other forms do take place. The tradition of Chapel worship is High Church with appropriate use of drama, colour, movement, incense and bells, while the theology is orthodox and inclusive.

While the School accepts students from all religious backgrounds and none, all students are required to attend Chapel services, congregational singing and participate in the Christian and religious education classes of the School. 

There is a strong tradition of singing in the Chapel. The Chapel Choir has a tradition that makes it well known in Western Australia, while congregational singing is a popular weekly activity in both sections of the School.

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