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Hello to the families and friends of the Guildford Grammar School community. My name is Craig Madden and I am the President of the P & F Society.  In his post I will explain the role of the P & F Society and the structure of our various sub-committees.

The P&F is an incorporated body made up of like-minded individuals who represent the P & F membership and Guildford Grammar School community as a whole. We take on a more formal role by providing feedback on school activities directly to key school staff and provide parents with opportunities to be involved in their child’s education and social wellbeing.

The objectives of the P & F are to promote in every way the welfare of the School and its community through:

  • Building of goodwill between parents, staff, and students;
  • Personal service to the School;
  • Maintaining a vigorous social exchange between all segments of the School; and
  • Actively promoting the aims and objectives of the School.
In addition to planning and conducting social activities, the P & F distributes funds to enhance the social wellbeing and educational advancement of students for projects not normally covered by the School. This is usually done through the House system in the Senior School and through the Head of the Preparatory School and has included: indoor table tennis tables, sandwich makers and indoor gardens for the Senior School; Artist-in-Residence program, outdoor ruggedised table tennis tables and an adventure playground for the Preparatory School.

The structure of the P & F:

The P & F Committee provides the overarching governance of the Association with the BPA, FOSS and FOPS conducting the organisation and administration of activities throughout the year supported by a very strong LP cadre.

The P & F welcomes any parent or friend of the Guildford Grammar School community who wishes to become involved in any capacity to contact the Secretary via email P&F@GGS.wa.edu.au.

The P & F Committee meets monthly during term and the AGM is held in late November. Committee positions are 12 month tenures and positions are advertised through the School Bulletin each October. 

This year’s AGM will be held on Thursday 29 November at 7.00pm in the Foundation Pavilion. Details of the nomination process was included in this week’s edition of the Bulletin.

Craig Madden
President of the P & F


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