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May 2019
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Term 2 Week 3

Mr Stephen Webber, Headmaster
I commend the School Prefects on their Wellness Week initiatives in the Senior School this week, with a range of activities such as wellness walks, yoga, mindfulness colouring and a brain food lunch all aimed at supporting students with their well-being, especially leading into the Year 11 and 12 mid-year examination period.
Recent research in the UK has again highlighted the importance of physical activity and sport involvement for students leading into examination periods. Professor Peter Clough, Head of the Psychology Department at Huddersfield University who carried out the research, found that contrary to what some parents believe, “sport involvement does not appear to have any negative implications on results. Overall, taking part in sport appears to have a lot of positive impacts. There is no evidence that people involved in sport get any worse GCSE results. But they are happier, psychologically healthier, less anxious and more resilient and robust. Taking part in sport on a regular basis is not doing them any harm and it is doing them good.”  
As with most things in life, a balanced approach is the best one and we encourage our students to remain active, sleep well and maintain a balanced and healthy diet throughout any examination period. There is significant support available for our students through the School to help them adjust to the demands of examination revision and workshops on managing stress, presented by Dr Harris and Mr Evans, have been well-received by the students.
At our Senior School Assembly this week I presented Isaac French (12Be) with a Headmaster’s Gold Commendation award for his exceptional musical composition entitled ‘The Cosmonaut’, a piece written about the life of Russian Cosmonaut Vladamir Komarov and his tragic final flight on Soyuz 1 in 1967.
Zac Matthews (12Fr) has made it through to the State Final of the Plain English Public Speaking competition.




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