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June 2019
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Term 2 Week 7

Stephen Webber, HeadmasterIt has been a pleasure to welcome our Year 11 and 12 students back following their mid-year examination period. Whilst the Year 10 students enjoy stepping into the leadership breach and the back rows in the Chapel, the dynamic of our senior students around the grounds greatly adds to our culture.

We know how fortunate we are that Cecil Oliverson donated the Chapel of St Mary and St George to the School, with it being consecrated in 1914. What a wonderful, incredibly generous gift to our school community and more broadly to Western Australia.

At our School Tour on Thursday we will take families through the Chapel and stop to reflect on the spiritual life of our school. Whilst the space and beauty of the Chapel always takes people’s breath away, what is not so easy to articulate is the feeling you get when 400 students and staff gather to worship together.

This last week we held our termly Eucharist services in the Senior School and at the end of the service as we stood in unity to sing the final hymn, I was moved by the beauty of our collective singing and the powerful message of the service. Our Chapel provides space for our students to be unplugged, to stop and give thanks, to look outwards and have compassion for others and to reflect on what really matters and is important in their lives.

At our assembly this week I enjoyed thanking the boys and girls for their commitment and involvement in our traditional services and for the pride they display in taking part and singing together with gusto. It is a simple thing but one that they will look back on with joy. Just ask an Old Guildfordian what it means to them as they reminisce about their time at the School.

As our Year 11 and 12 students take on board the range of feedback from the return of their examination papers we always encourage them to learn from the experience and to respond positively. Where there may be disappointment with some results, the focus must be on being resilient, learning where improvement can be made and showing a determination to utilise their teachers’ support as much as possible. In talking to a number of students in the Year 12 cohort, I was pleased that their attitude was buoyant and that they felt that their peers had generally performed well, whilst finding a few of the papers challenging. At this stage of the year that is exactly what we would expect.

I am very much looking forward to the Rock Band Concert in the DLD this Thursday night starting at 7.00pm. I would encourage all members of the community to attend as you will be thoroughly entertained. The quality of our music program and the level of performance continues to go from strength to strength.

Another highlight this weekend will be three of our female rowing crews competing by invitation in the IGSSA Rowing regatta. Whilst many of the students have only been rowing briefly this year, and our All Schools Rowing competition has a different training season, we are looking forward to the challenge and appreciate the invitation to take part.   


Special mention this week to our 1st XVIII Football Team, 1st XI Hockey Team and 1st XI Soccer Teams who all had fine victories over Trinity College on the weekend. Whilst our Netball teams have rapidly been progressing up to higher divisions it was pleasing once again to note a number of excellent results, particularly for our Junior girls teams.

Angus Adamson (10SG) made his debut for YMCC Hockey Club in Men’s Premier 1st Division Hockey last weekend, the third Guildford Grammar School student to do so this year.

Tom Hartland (8Be) has been selected in the WA U/13 Ice Hockey team and will be heading over to NSW in August for the National championships, as well as competing in the International Pee Wee Hockey Tournament in Melbourne in November.




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