Welcome Message from the Principal

29 Jan 2020

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all in our school community to an exciting year ahead in 2020.

I am thrilled to be leading Guildford Grammar School.  It is a place of great warmth and purpose.  In my early interactions with students, staff, families and Old Guildfordians, I have sensed we are all contributing to something greater than ourselves.  This is a mark of a strong school community.  The School’s purpose, focused on providing a personalised experience, fostering excellence in learning and building the capacity of all to contribute to a just, loving and peaceful society, resonates with my core beliefs, in education and in life.  We have an exciting year ahead.

We are very proud of the achievements of each individual student who concluded their senior secondary studies at Guildford Grammar School in 2019.  We acknowledge and applaud each student who achieved their personal best, including all who attained stand-out exceptional results in ATAR, VET and General subjects.  We congratulate those students who earned Subject Exhibition (1), Subject Certificates of Distinction (10) and Merits (25).  We celebrate every young woman and young man who graduated from their senior secondary studies and thank them for their contributions to the rich and vibrant co-curricular life of the School.  I look forward to sharing with our School community further news of the bright and varied pathways ahead of each of our youngest Old Guildfordians at the Academic Assembly on 12 February and in coming publications.

I take this opportunity to thank all parents and caregivers who provided feedback to the School through last year’s survey.  The data and information obtained in this survey was shared with the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) last year and they have invested time to understand the key areas of strength and suggestions for improvement identified by individuals.  Some key themes have emerged, including:
  • Refining responsive communications between school and home.
  • Further leveraging the strength of the School’s House and Mentor system and emphasising the importance of the relationships fostered in this structure.
  • Achieving greater consistency in supporting student behaviours and expected standards.
  • Continuing to identify and implement individual, personalised approaches to learning.

Importantly, the areas identified above formed part of a suite of information used by the SLT and Council in determining the School’s future focus for 2020 and in November last year I spent time with the SLT establishing these priorities.  Three key areas were agreed upon and have since been presented to and ratified by Council:
  1. Articulating the many benefits of the Guildford Grammar School education experience and responding to current and future trends in education;
    • We will work to further develop our education offering so that it is forward-thinking, relevant and responsive to the needs of all students now, and into the future.
  2. Identifying the strengths and opportunities presented by the Guildford Grammar School culture of care;
    • We will build even stronger supportive relationships between students, staff and families, and use the Student Social Emotional Welfare Survey and Staff Survey data to enhance our focus on improving community wellbeing.
  3. ‚ÄčExploring creative ways to diversify the Schools’ engagement with the wider community;
    • We will identify stimulating educational experiences for our students through strategic partnerships, engaging with the wider community and better utilising our incredible facilities.
Of course, in addition to these strategic priorities, we will implement our annual operational plans to continuously improve.  We will continue to refine the ways in which each student at Guildford Grammar School can obtain success in their learning, from our 3-year-old Little Explorers program to Year 12.  We will continue to provide quality co-curricular offerings that enrich and inspire, and leverage our inclusive senior secondary pathways that offer flexibility and personalisation. 

Education is not preparation for life.  Education is life itself.” (Dewey 1938)

I and the staff are looking forward to working closely with students, parents, Old Guildfordians and friends of our community to continue to bring our mission to life.  Thank you for your ongoing commitment to and support of Guildford Grammar School.  Together, we will “Go Forward”! 

Yours sincerely,

Anne Dunstan