Enrolments now open for Early Learners in 2021

15 Jun 2020

The Early Learning Program at Guildford Grammar School welcomes students from three years of age. Our 3-year-old Little Explorers experience the joy of learning as they discover, create and imagine through play and instruction. Our stunning natural environment, sense of home and experienced teachers, combine to provide a program that will enhance your child's social skills, love of nature, risk-taking, natural curiosity and learning, setting them up for a journey of discovery and wonder.

Our Early Learning Centre, for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students, is a vibrant and stimulating space where the focus is on creativity, cognitive action, relationships and movement. Our approach is student-centred and focuses on the development of the whole child, giving each child a voice and allowing them to follow a unique personal journey. Our early learners are:

* Curious adventurers
* Active discoverers
* Skilful thinkers
* Competent communicators
* Independent reflectors
* Respectful relators
* Persistent contributors
* Confident risk takers

Find out more about out Early Learning Program on our website at https://www.ggs.wa.edu.au/early-learning or contact our Registrar at 9377 9247 or registrar@ggs.wa.edu.au.